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I will keep my ears to the ground and search the internet for the best products and values so you can just sit back and enjoy quality wines and spirits.
Weekly News & Specials
Brad has been busy searching, testing and comparing so thatWineStreetcan offer you the BEST for your enjoyment.
Here are this weeks comments.


 New Connoisseurs Connection Available 
Updated November 19, 2015

Dessert Wines!
A Classic Way To Finish Your Meal!

Caramel Fig, Walnut, and Honey: With Pumpkin Pie: Oh My!

2007 Vignavecchia Vinsanto DOC del Chianti Classico 375ml (Reg $60.) 40 btls only
Vine varietal: 100% Malvasia COLOUR: Golden yellow, very intense. FRAGRANCE: Hints of caramel, fig paste, roasted walnut and honey. TASTE: Tight and focused with a lingering finish.
Our Vin Santo is produced with native grapes of Malvasia usually harvested in the second half of September. The grapes lay and dry on straw mats for 4 months in a well airy room until they are ready for the vinification. After crushing the grapes we obtain a juice (mosto fiore) which is used to fill 30, 50 and 100 liters barrels called "caratelli". Caratelli are of different kinds of wood, from the northern and central part of Tuscany: cherry, acacia, chestnut (Porrina) and moro di gelso from trees which are centuries old. Once filled, the caratelli are sealed and opened minimum five years later. BOTTLES PRODUCED 0,375 lt. : 1000 ALCOHOL: 14% vol.
Fattoria Vignavecchia: Odoardo Beccari left his family home in Toscana to explore the world. This avid scientist delved into zoology, botany, and numerous other fields as he roamed the forests of Borneo and Celebes, traveled the Keren region of Eritrea, traversed New Guinea, and scouted out many other remote areas in an era when such voyages were rare. Having amassed fascinating collections of exotic flora and fauna and discovered the Amorphophallus titanum, a native Sumatran flower that can grow to 12 feet tall and 15 feet wide, Odoardo returned to Toscana in 1876 to put his expertise to use on his own land. Still an ardent collector, Beccari set aside the best vintages of his family's wines and set to work in the vineyards and cellar. The core of his collection can be found today in Vignavecchia's private cellar, where the 1876 and 1931 bottles enjoy the most prominent positions.
Fattoria Vignavecchia has belonged to the Beccari family since 1870, when they inherited it from the Minucci family, owners since the 17th century. Vignavecchia's 19 hectares are located near Radda in the Chianti area of Toscana, where its vineyards command a breathtaking panoramic view and an advantageous south-southwest aspect. The current generation of Beccaris decided in 1996 to reconstruct a historic villa that sat among their vines, expanding the structure and adapting it to provide ideal conditions for vinification. They continue to honor their ancestor with their Chardonnay 'Titanum,' which is named for the flower Odoardo discovered and has a picture of it on the label.

2009 Joseph Phelps Eisrebe (375ML) Reg $50 (30 btls only)
95 Wine Enthusiast - "Made from the exotic Scheurebe grape, this is a very sweet wine, brimming with pineapple jam, ripe pear and honeysuckle flavors... It's balanced with crisp acidity, so the finish is dry and clean. Just delicious now with fruity desserts, vanilla cake or a buttery lemon souffle
In 1994, the desire to produce an "ice wine," or Eiswein, as it is called in Germany, prompted us to adopt an innovative program whereby Scheurebe grapes would be picked late in the season and then commercially frozen, thus concentrating their already-high sugar levels. We called the wine "Eisrebe."
Although German Eisweins are produced from fruit that is actually picked frozen from the vine, we found that by freezing the grapes ourselves we could fashion a delicious dessert wine that is viscous and smooth, with excellent acidity to balance the sweetness.
The 2009 Scheurebe has delicate aromas of apricot, citrus blossom, honey, and creme caramel followed by a rich and unctuous texture integrated with well balanced, bright acidity and a persistent finish.
Grape & Source: 100% Scheurebe from our home ranch in Spring Valley outside of St. Helena in Napa Valley.

Tough to find a great port that's ready at this price!
Super Wine, Super Find!

1998 Grahams Malvedos Port Reg $60.00 (20 btls only)
1998 Graham's Malvedos Vintage Port: Deeply extracted Big full fruit immediately charge in while the dusty tannins following close behind. While the fruit is also still tight this had an incredibly long finish. 1998 had the lowest yields ever at only .6 kg per vine! 92 points Grahams Quinta dos Malvedos is rated among the finest vineyard properties in the Alto Douro and was acquired by the company in 1890. It lies on the north bank of the River Douro and its south-facing vineyards and very consistent climate ensure that in nearly every year the property will produce wines of first-class quality. In declared Vintage years the wines of Malvedos form the fundamental part of the blend which makes up Grahams Vintage Ports. In many other years, when there is not enough top quality wine for Grahams to declare a Vintage, the wine of Malvedos is nevertheless so fine that it is bottled on its own, unblended, when two years old and left to mature in bottle like other Vintage Ports.
Finally a great Bordeaux you can sink your teeth into at a very fair price! Brad
A rare opportunity!

2010 2nd or 3rd??? label of Smith Haut Lafitte (98+ R Parker $150+++)
Only 30 cases available arrives Dec 3rd!

$49.99 post arrival
$39.97 pre-arrival
$469.99 cs 12 ($39.17)

Its been some time since I've had much to get excited about from my favorite wine region in the world. For those who have known me for a while, for the me the wine world starts in Bordeaux and goes downhill from there. Unfortunately since the 2005 vintage for many various reasons (mostly economic) there has not been a lot of domestic interest in a market that used to gobble up over 1/3 of this heralded region for Cabernet & Merlot.

Last September I tasted through about 25 petite chateau from 2010-2013 and flat honestly was pretty underwhelmed with most, but I had picked about 2-3 that I was interested in under a $20 retail and was ready to call it a day. The last wine was one of 4 2010's and 2010 is a spectacular vintage. When I saw Smith Haut Lafitte(one of the hottest Chateau in Bordeaux: 98+pts for the 2010 $150++ btl for the Estate Grand Cru) on the label I assumed it was a second wine (didn't make sense as the price seemed low to be that)! I tasted the wine and it absolutely knocked my socks off, others tasted and agreed! Absolutely Awesome! We ordered a pallet (60 cases) and waited for confirmation of our order. About 3 weeks later we were confirmed on 30 cases half of our original order. We have done this before and been shipped the wrong vintage and it's a mess to deal with if you offered it on a pre-sell (usually not at this price level though).

Further investigation into what this wine really is still has us a little confused! The spec sheet reads just like the second and third label, but it is only sold in Europe! The "Le Lievre" (Rabbit:Hare) is the very famous bronze statue that sits among Smith Haut Lafittes vineyards, so most google searches direct you to that. We give up on the pedigree, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or a combination there of, the wine is unique and beyond that it is spectacular!

The wine has now arrived at wholesale and it is 2010 as we ordered.
We will take delivery the first week of December!
Only 25 cases are up for Sale! I'm keeping 5 for myself! An absolutely awesome Bordeaux Buy!

2010 Smith Haut LaFitte "Le Lievre" Pessac Leognan
Reg $65 Sale $49.99 (Post Arrival)
Pre-Sell $39.97 btl $469.99(OWC)/12 ($39.17) (Minimum 3 btl order)

Average rating: 4.1/5 stars(93-94) (18 ratings) Average price $65.00
Haut La Fitte Le Lievre Pessac Leognan 2010"very good bordeaux with recognizable Smith taste. Drier and a bit less fruity then grand and second vin."
Made from a blend of wines from the Smith Haut Lafitte estate, 2010 Les Lievre de Smith Haut Lafitte rouge was produced and aged with just as much care as the lots that went into the grand vin. The winemaking techniques were identical.
Grape varieties: 55 % Merlot / 45% Cabernet Sauvignon
Winemaking: Double sorting both before and after destemming removed any undesirable matter (such as bits of stem and leaves), and the uncrushed grapes were fermented in vat.
Extraction of tannin and colour was done by pigeage (punching down the cap) and/or pumping over. Maceration took place at 26-28 degrees C and the duration (between 4 and 6 weeks) varied from vat to vat as determined by regular tasting.
The wine was aged in barrel for 14 months. 2010: dry, cool weather for optimum ripeness
A statistical study of data from the Smith Haut Lafitte weather station shows that: - The sum of summer temperatures in 2010 was similar to 2009 (962 degrees C as compared to 982 degrees C), but much cooler than in 2005 (1052 degrees C)
- Rainfall was low from March to August 2010 (267mm), a dryness comparable to 2005 (227mm). This weather was ideal for ripening and good balance in the grapes. The dry weather was conducive to stopping vine growth fairly early on, which in turn led to a long ripening period for small, concentrated grapes. The cool temperatures are reflected in the good acidity typical of fine, classic Bordeaux vintages.

The weather was quite dry and we were able to pick ripe, healthy grapes of superb quality. Finding the right balance between vines and the soil, a deep respect for nature, meticulous work all year long in the vineyard, and the harvesting of each plot at peak ripeness produced splendid grapes typical of our terroir, some of the finest in the Graves.

Commentaires : 2010 Les Lievre de Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge is a beautiful, dark, brilliant red colour. The nose is expressive, displaying a whole range of red fruit aromas (cherry, strawberry, and raspberry), as well as more sophisticated aromas of warm earth, flint, and Virginia tobacco. The wine is beautifully fresh and round on the palate with good structure. The characteristics of the 2010 vintage, particularly freshness and tannin, give the wine structure, concentration and "drinkability". The balance typical of 2010 is enhanced by the round opulence of Merlot, which adds length and a certain to the wine. The red fruit flavours on the palate blend with hints of flint, smoke, and

spice, (nutmeg and star anise). enjoyable to drink as of 2012 thanks to its smooth tannin, but it will be delightful for five years thereafter.

We can't recommend enough,
the following 4 wines
for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.

Your traditional meal
will absolutely shine
with the addition of
these highly sought after
and recommended wines.

All 4 are considered best in class and smiles guaranteed!

Most are only available for a limited time
and we currently have 7-10 cases of each on hand.

2013 Merry Edwards "Russian River" Sauvignon Blanc Reg $40 Sale $34.97
2014 Domaine de la Mordoree Tavel Rose "Le Dame Rousse" Reg $34.99 Sale $29.97
2011 Joh. Jos. Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spatlese Reg $49.99 Sale $39.97
2013 Patricia Green Cellars Pinot Noir Reserve 2013 Reg $27.99 Sale $22.97

Arguably the finest Sauvignon Blanc from California,
Merry Edwards has been literally "crushing" the competition for years with this masterful white.
Year after year, this wine is the benchmark by which all other California Sauvignon Blancs are judged!

2013 Merry Edwards "Russian River" Sauvignon Blanc $34.97
93 points MaryAnn Worobiec, Wine Spectator "Insider," June 24, 2015 "Light, smooth and lovely, with succulent white peach, pear, citrus and melon flavors that really sing with purity, showing juicy acidity and complexity. Whiffs of mango and white flowers complete the picture."
95 points Robert Whitley, Wine Review Online, Feb. 10, 2015: "This is the genius of Merry Edwards for all the world to see. The Grand Dame of California Pinot Noir also has a deft hand with Sauvignon Blanc. I would even venture to say her RRV Sauvignon is routinely among the top five Sauvignons made in America. The 2013 is remarkably complex, destroying the conventional wisdom that Sauvignons are simple and uninteresting over time. This vintage exhibits notes of white peach, tangerine, lemon oil, lime zest, orange blossom and an intriguing spice note. With mouth-watering acidity and nervy minerality, it is a Sauvignon that is alive and appealing and extremely genuine. Brilliant!"
93 points: Rich Cook, Wine Review Online, Feb. 15, 2015 "Merry Edwards brings us her completely unique take on California Sauvignon Blanc with the 2013 bottling. Mixed citrus and spice aromas are complimented by white flowers and lemon beebrush leaf. Zesty and viscous on the palate, with a citrus and mineral focus in the finish. Complexity that makes its individual parts so readily apparent is a rare thing in the wine world. This would be a great wine to share with someone who wonders how wine writers can sense so many different things in a glass."
Winemaker's Commentary: This appealing Sauvignon Blanc includes grapes from six diverse sites in Russian River Valley. The foundation is 53% Sauvignon Musque, a highly floral and rich-bodied clone of the parent varietal. Adding weight and depth to the blend is the old vine portion, which contributes 40% to the blend from vines 25 to 35 years old.
The Ulimate Wine#2 For Thanksgiving 2014 Domaine de la Mordoree Tavel Rose "Le Dame Rousse" So good the fabled rose from Tavel, that by law no other sort of wine can call itself Tavel! Layers of wild strawberries collide with a spicy note, a dash of citrusy acidity and so much fruit and flower aroma, it is almost too much. But then, when paired with foods of the region--fish soups, black olives, rosemary scented meats and poultry, anything combining eggplant and tomatoes--well, it is not too much at all. No, it is darn near perfect. And the King of Kings Domaine de la Mordoree! 7 cases in stock!! do not miss! Beautiful presntation form beginning to end!

2014 Domaine de la Mordoree Tavel Rose "Le Dame Rousse" Reg $34.99 Sale $29.97
93 pts The Wine Advocate 06/30/2015: Truthfully, I think the 2014 Tavel La Dame Rousse is every bit as profound as the more expensive Reine des Bois cuvee, and the entry level Cotes du Rhone rose, while made in a slightly more fresh style, is just as good as well. Sporting similar notes of framboise, orange blossom, white flowers and strawberries, it's a bigger, rich release that might lack a touch of the finesse and elegance found in the Reine des Bois, yet makes up for it with fabulous intensity, depth and length, while still staying clean, classy and pure. It's an incredible, full-bodied, beautiful rose that's not for those looking for simple and quaffable.

Think Sauvignon Blanc with a touch of Residual,
Absolutely a crowd pleaser from novice to Connoisseur!
A must for any Holiday! Even goes well with cranberries!

2011 Joh. Jos. Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spatlese Reg $49.99 Sale $39.97
93 points Wine Spectator Features an intense, savory aroma, with racy flavors of slate, sea salt and white pepper accented by green apple and white cherry notes. Airy and light on the vibrant finish, which offers touches of elegance. Drink now through 2038. 93+ points from Mosel Fine Wines: "This wine is all about white peach, white flowers and delicate smoky slate. The feel on the palate is clean and fresh and a delicate touch of creaminess just adds to the feeling of length in the after-taste without however adding anything weighty. This gorgeous effort is still on the reduced side at this stage and in need of some bottle age in order to find its primary balance. But what a beautiful wine in the making! It may indeed even warrant a higher rating than initially expected at maturity

Year in year out one of the best values coming out of Oregon!
Structured enough to keep the sweet succulent fruit in check! Perfect

2013 Patricia Green Cellars Pinot Noir Reserve Reg $27.99 Sale $22.97
Recommended Best Buy! 90+ Our Score (8/2015) Patty Green, has done it again! Patty makes some of our favorite Oregon Pinot Noir and this latest vintage of her Reserve bottling is spot on. From the classic style 2013 vintage in Oregon, this fresh and drinkable medium-bodied Pinot shows wild red berries and dusty earth flavors along with elegant texture. Great value!
90pts AG The 2013 is exactly what we and hopefully others would hope for in this wine. It aptly details the sweet and succulent nature of the fruit in the 2013 vintage while giving enough structure to hold it all together but not so much so that the wine is not immensely enjoyable right now.

Winestreet Everyday Values
"Beat the quality : Beat the everyday price"
We work hard everyday in a never ending search for value without compromising quality!

2013 Ferrari Carano Chardonnay Reg $29.99 "Everyday the WineStreet Way" $17.97
The perfect Red Riding Hood wine! Not to sweet:Not to acidic:Just Right! Perfect!

2014 Meomi "Pinot Noir" Reg $19.99 "Everyday the WineStreet Way" $15.97
Now the $315,000,000 Pinot Noir! Hard to Argue with success: we'll throw our ring in the fire!

2013 Wente Brothers "Riva Ranch" Chardonnay Reg $19.99 "Everyday the WineStreet Way" $14.97
Our #1 Selling Chardonnay 10 years running! Nicknamed "Baby Rombauer" for good reason!

Lafite Rothschild Reserve Red & White Reg $19.99 "Everyday the WineStreet Way" $14.97
Gorgeous wines that compliment any table! Bordeaux that's easy to enjoy!

2012 Runquist "1448" Red Blend Reg $17.99 "Everyday the WineStreet Way" $12.97
If Your gonna go Red Field Blend? Forget the rest get the best!

2014 Alois Lageder Pinot Grigio Reg $17.99 "Everyday the WineStreet Way" $12.97
A sea of Pinot Grigio From watery to Great! Lageder is great if not the greatest!

2014 Ferrari Carano Fume Blanc Reg $15.99 "Everyday the WineStreet Way" $11.97
The most consistently refreshing Sauvignon Blanc in the market. The perfect palate cleanser for any occasion.

2013 Periano Cabernet Reg $13.99 "Everyday the WineStreet Way" $9.99 ($99.99 cs12)
30+ year old Vines from Paso Robles! Better than this for the price! No way!

Crusher Wines Reg $13.99 "Everyday the WineStreet Way" $9.99 ($99.99 cs12)
Petite Syrah, Red Blend, Cabernet: Lot of wne for the dough here!

Cupcake Wines Reg $8.99 "Everyday the WineStreet Way" $6.97
Very quaffable at this price! True to the appropriate regions!

Santa Rita "120" Reg $7.99 "Everyday the WineStreet Way" $4.97
If this is the price point your looking for: Look no further!

If you like
buttery Chardonnay?
Look no further "Great Buy"!

2012 Ferrari-Carano Chardonnay Napa Valley Carneros Reserve
Reg $39.99 Sale $29.97
2012 Ferrari-Carano Reserve Chardonnay-pear and golden delicious apple with oak on the nose. Palate has butter, creme brulee and pear. Delicious and rich. -92 pts The grapes for the 2012 Reserve Chardonnay come primarily from our vineyard in Napa Valley Carneros. This wine entices with aromas of quince, apple, cinnamon, caramel, citrus, butter, vanilla and graham cracker complemented by elegant, upfront flavors of pear, peach, creme brulee and hazelnut with a lingering, toasted oak finish. Food Pairing: In addition to a wide variety of appetizers, seafood such as shellfish and poultry dishes, the Reserve Chardonnay pairs perfectly with richer foods that enhances this fuller bodied and deliciously creamy wine."

Hard to argue with
one of the most consistent
and appealing wines in the market!

2014 Ferrari-Carano's Fume Blanc Reg $15.99 Sale $11.97
Another Winner from Ferrari-Carano! One of the most consistent Fume Blancs year in and year out! Flavors of pienapple, lemon, and mango with hints of guava on the finsh. Ferrari-Carano's 2014 Fume Blanc is a delicious wine with aromas and flavorsof yellow peach, pear, quince, Meyer lemon, mango and fruit cocktail.This wine has bright acidity and crisp freshness from cool, stainlesssteel tank fermentation, w...hile subtle oak character from barrel agingadds body, complexity and depth
Napa Valley
Cabernet Prices:
Up, Up & Away!

Consistently one of the best
and most consistent values
from Napa Valley!
For years we've wondered why
Robert Craigs wines
have been so reasonable
compared to their competition
in respective quality.
We are not wondering anymore!
With the release of 2013 vintage
this wine will carry a $75/btl price point!
Probably still worth it, but a case of the 2012 makes sense.

2012 Robert Craig "Affinity" Napa Valley Bordeaux Blend Reg $59.99 Sale $44.97
92 points Robert Parker's Wine Advocate The least expensive wine is the 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Affinity, the estate Cabernet Sauvignon from the foothills just south of Stag's Leap blended with small amounts of Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Merlot and Malbec. An absolutely stunning value in Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa, the wine has an inky/purple color, a big sweet kiss of creme de cassis, spice box, mocha and assorted black fruits. It is full-bodied and ripe with low acidity and sweet tannins. This wine is showy and up front, but has enough stuffing to last 7-10 years or more. Robert Craig is still one of the most consistent wineries in terms of quality and keeping pricing within realistic levels, not something frequently seen in Napa Valley. (RP) (10/2014)
91 points Antonio Galloni The 2012 Affinity is a gorgeous Cabernet Sauvignon-based entry-level offering from Robert Craig. Dark red plums, tobacco and spices blossom in a supple, radiant wine to drink now and over the next few years. The flavors brighten up through the mid-palate and finish, adding energy and polish. (AG) (12/2014)

The Holy Grail
& Our "House Cabernet"
Impossible to beat at this price!

 2013 Peirano Estates Cabernet: Reg $14.99 Sale $9.99 Case Sale $99.99/12 
Hunters Special!! $99.99/cs 12 ($8.33btl) Ridiculous Value!!
Tasting Notes: The rich, dark color of this wine catches you from the first pour. It exhibits a rich deep burgundy hue with perfect clarity. The aromas are a compendium of dark fruit - blackberry, black raspberry, and currant - with elements of toasty oak, chocolate, dark roasted coffee bean, sage and spices. A sip fills the mouth with blackberry pie, with hints of rich, ripe black cherries, sweet oak and white pepper, while maintaining absolute dryness and firm, yet supple, tannins. This delicious Cabernet is ready to drink now and will continue to age gracefully for the next 6 to 8 years.
This 100% Cabernet Sauvignon come from 30+-year-old vines on the estate, and employs a Geneva Double Curtain (GDC) trellis system. This labor-intensive system divides the canopy both horizontally and vertically, which exposes the fruit to increased sunlight and enhances flavor components. It also precludes the tendency that Cabernet Sauvignon has to develop vegetative characteristics. Along with drastic pruning, to reduce the crop potential of the vines, we can help guide the vine to focus its efforts to optimally ripen fewer clusters of grapes. Extended maceration time allowed for maximum extraction of color and phenolics. After fermenting to dryness, the wine was settled before being moved to barrels. The entire lot was aged for 12 months in all French oak barrels, where it underwent malolactic fermentation. The wine was then racked every three months, as well as topped every two weeks, to achieve maximum clarity.

Wow! Never thought we'd get this!
In stock now! Limited Hurry: Half Gone!

2010 Il Poggione Brunello di Montalcino 98 points The Wine Advocate!! $74.97 $419.97/6
RP98 The Wine Advocate - "The 2010 Brunello di Montalcino is a striking wine that shows uncompromising varietal pureness, albeit in a most concentrated and elaborate form. This is what great Sangiovese is all about. There's so much happening on the nose and the wine brings you to cherry, spice, licorice, cured meat, pressed rose and grilled meat in equal measure. No one element overpowers the next. The mouthfeel is also tight and bright with the kind of fruit intensity that promises long cellar aging. This Brunello is only at the beginning of a long road ahead. The longer the wine stays in the glass, the more it offers in terms of complexity and intensity. This is a true standout that can be enjoyed for up to 20 years ahead.Fabrizio Bindocci and his son Alessandro are the most accomplished father-son winemaking team I can think of today in Italy. Il Poggione is owned by Leopoldo and Livia Franceschi, but the phenomenal Bindocci duo are very much in the limelight. They excel in every aspect of winemaking, from vineyard management to wine marketing. Never have I encountered a Il Poggione Brunello as beautiful as the one released this year. This is one of the highest expression of Sangiovese you will ever taste. "
WS95 Wine Spectator - "Rich, with excellent density, ripe cherry and plum fruit, and a wellintegrated structure. Licorice, earth and tobacco notes add depth while this cruises to a long, tobacco- and mineral-tinged finish. Shows balance and grip. Best from 2018 through 2033.
Winemaker's Notes: Brunello is the prince of Montalcino wines, produced exclusively from 100% Sangiovese grapes picked by hand from vines at least 20 years old. After careful fermentation at controlled temperatures, Tenuta Il Poggione Brunello di Montalcino is matured for three years in French oak barrels. After being aged in wood, the wine is bottle aged for a time, an essential process in guaranteeing the pleasing quality and complex attributes that have made this wine world-famous.
Intense ruby color. The nose is complex with notes of cherry, leather, spices and underwood. Full in the body, characterized by tannins that are soft and integrated.

Superb! Tremendous track record! 95pts AG

2012 Poggio Scalette IL CARBONAIONE Reg $89.99 Sale $74.97 3 Cases Only! In Stock!
95/100 | IL CARBONAIONE 2012 "Vinuos AG...comes across as quite shy and reserved today, with less of its typical exuberance. That just makes me think the wine is going to need a few years to blossom. Sweet red cherry, plum, kirsch, spice and rose petal nuances gradually emerge from the glass, but the 2012 remains reticent and not fully expressive. I would not be surprised to see the market look past the 2012, as it is not at all showy, but that will just create an opportunity for savvy consumers. There is plenty to look forward to. Readers will have to be patient, though. Over the years, Il Carbonaione has built a tremendous track record of aging very well. Next to Chianti Classico's other 100% Sangioveses, Carbonaione is made in a sweeter, jammier style with more mid-palate opulence. Although showy in its youth, Carbonaione needs time in bottle to show at its best".

Bogle "Essential Red" and "Phantom"
Bogle "Essential Red" Reg $12.99 Sale $9.97
(One of the best entries into the overcrowded field red blends)
This "Essential" is a blend of Old Vines Zin, Cabernet, Syrah, and Petite Syrah which seems at first glance to be a "left overs" sort of wine. Not true. The Bogle web site describes it as "Rich, Ripe, Luscious, Fruity" and that is exactly what this wine is. It is surprisingly complex for the price and has a lovely nose, dark ruby color and fine flavor. TWELVE DOLLARS!!! My advice is to buy a case now before you can't find it any longer.

Bogle "Phantom" Reg $19.99 Sale $15.97
(released once a year around Halloween: disappears quickly)
> Completely enthused by Essential red, I also bought a bottle of Bogle "Phantom" for $19.00. It is also a blend founded upon Old Vines Zin and Syrah but it substitutes Mourvedre for the Cabernet found in Essential. I liked it when I first poured it, and then I got distracted cooking something and about 20 minutes later it was REALLY good. More peppery/spicy and maybe cedary [if that is a valid wine term] than Essential, I loved this bottle also. The Bogle web site says it has flavors of Boysenberry and although I couldn't have determined this on my own, I agree whole heartedly.

If your "hunting" for value, look no further!
Bag your limit with these incredible Spanish values!

Wow! Shocked at the quality/price ratio
2014 Venta Morales Tempranillio 2014 Reg $8.99 Sale $7.97
88pts: Tanzer International Wine Cellar "Black and blue fruit aromas are complicated by dark chocolate and licorice. Bitter cherry and dark berry flavors show good clarity and put on weight with aeration. Closes with firm grip, slow-building tannins and a hint of cherry pit. In a pretty grown-up style for the price."
Venta Morales is the new estate of Rafael Canizares. His work in eastern La Mancha has produced clearly some the highest quality wines not just from La Mancha but from all of Spain. He's identified La Mancha's best vineyards and has done a lot of work isolating the oldest vines and working with the best clones of Tempranillo. This is an estate driven by value and the sole wine of the estate Venta Morales is one of our best. The Mediterranean climate and poor soils of sand, limestone and slate yield a particularly rich Tempranillo. In addition some of the vines are 40 to 50 years old which give natural, lower yields yielding even more complexity

Baby Clio! 70% Garnacha 30% Mouvedre!
2014 Bodegas Atalaya "Laya" Red Blend Reg $9.99 Sale $7.97
The Spanish wine import boom in the United States continues as more wine enthusiasts explore the country's offerings. This bottling is a good example of a finely crafted, well-balanced entry-level wine. Almansa, located in southeastern Spain's Albacete province, is one of the smallest outposts of the Castilla-La Mancha wine region. Viticulture has thrived there since the 16th century. Situated between the provinces of Valencia, Alicante and Murcia, and bordering Jumilla to the south, Almansa's old vine vineyards are planted largely in limestone soil at 2,600 feet above sea level. A blend of 70 percent Garnacha tintorera (a hybrid developed by crossing garnacha with petit Bouschet) and 30 percent Monastrell (aka Mourvedre), the wine spent four months aging in French oak barrels before bottling. In the glass, there are concentrated aromas of ripe dark fruits, earth and hints of pepper and spice. On the palate, this dense, bold wine shows deep plum, black cherries, raspberries, espresso and oak notes with well-integrated tannins on the persistent finish. Drink now and over the next three to five years. For best results, decant 30 to 40 minutes to aerate. It pairs well with paella, grilled red meats, roasts, stews, pasta and meat sauce or sausages, grilled vegetables and firm cheeses

Grenache of Fire! Big Juicy: Great Cut!
2013 Bodegas Breca Garnacha de Fuego Reg $9.99 Sale $7.97
89pts Tanzer International Wine Cellar - "Bright purple. Dark berries, cherry and a touch of smokiness on the nose and in the mouth. Spicy and juicy, showing good focus and back-end cut. The red fruit and smoke qualities carry through a sweet, gently tannic finish that shows surprising power for the vintage. Offers excellent bang for the buck."
The grapes come from old vines vineyards, 60-80 years-old, with yields of 2T/Ha and located high on the hillsides, 3,000 ft above sea level, around Calatayud. The vineyards are planted in principally decomposed slate and gravely clay soils. Even though there is very little rainfall in the region (around 350ml per year), the clay is at depth and allows for the vines to obtain moisture and be dry grown..

Robert Parker's Wine Advocate!
Mind boggling quality for the price asked. (LG) (4/2015)
NOW IN STOCK!!!!: A month late:but worth the wait!
Price Limited to stock on hand!

2010 Marques de Murrieta Reserva Rioja Reg $24.99 Sale $21.97!!

94pts Suckling & 93 pts Wine Advocate!!
"This very traditional and historically relevant producer is among the oldest bodegas in Rioja. At this winery, subtlety and nuance are valued over the new world tendency to produce overly ripe, one-dimensional wines. Crafted from a classic blend of Tempranillo, Graciano and Mazuelo, the 2010 Reserva is an incredibly well-integrated, seamless effort that offers up notes of sweet and sour cherry, dried currant, graphite, dried herbs de Provence, sweet tobacco and fennel.
94 points James Suckling Fabulous aromas of crushed berry and dark fruits with walnuts, hazelnuts, and ginger. Cinnamon and honey melon too. Full-bodied, very tight and firm. Linear backbone of fruit and tannins. Very long and racy. 22 months in American oak (six months new and then racked into used). Beautiful now but needs another two or three years to soften. A triumph. (7/2015)
93 points Robert Parker's Wine Advocate The blend for the 2010 Rioja Reserva varies depending on the growing season. In the warm and ripe 2009 it was 93% Tempranillo, 4% Mazuelo and 2% Graciano and 1% Garnacha Tinta, always from their own vineyards and hand-harvested between October 2 and 23. Maria the winemaker thinks the Garnacha does not add much to their blend. The grapes fermented separately in stainless-steel vats and the wine aged for 21 months in American oak barrels. There is gob-smacking precision and elegance here. It's a pure wine with no oak that is super harmonious, floral and fragrant. I simply fell in love with the nose. Now onto the palate. The entry is really fluid, and then it explodes in your mouth, filling it along a thread of fine acidity making it long and tasty. It has the same astonishing purity and harmony, focus and precision found in the nose. This has to be the best Reserva from Murrieta in recent times. Bravo! One million bottles produced, but all the wine is one single lot and all the bottles you can find are exactly the same just they are bottled continuously for four months. Mind boggling quality for the price asked. (LG) (4/2015)
Over 90% Tempranillo, rest being Mazuelo, Graciano and Garnacha. Has a California Merlot-like smoothness, red fruit energy and dry herb/light spice character to it. Goes down nice and easy with bright acidity and subtle, long, earth-driven finish. Have with roast pork shoulder, hamburgers and tomato sauce dishes

More Pinot Grigios should taste like this!!!!!!!!!!!

Alois Lageder Pinot Grigio 2014 Reg $17.99 Sale $12.97

Alois Lageder Pinot Grigio 2014 (750ML) (Sustainable)Pinot Grigio is a funny thing. While Santa Margherita is probably one of the world's most popular wines, serious wine drinkers tend to snub their noses at it. The problem is, they then snub their noses at all Pinot Grigio, which is a dynamite, versatile, and really quite expressive grape. At the same time, so many Santa Margherita drinkers tend not to branch out either and explore other, much better tasting, Pinot Grigios. Both parties need to check themselves and grab a bottle of Lageder, as we think it has the stuffing to satisfy both sides of the spectrum. Crisp, mineral driven, lively, delicious. The perfect summer sipping beverage, and a killer pairing for seafood. It's cheaper, and better than SM, and just a fantastic wine period. -

The exploding popularity of field blends (and crazy names) has exploded.

This non-descript category leaves the door wide open for just about anything!
Including just some plain not very good wines.

Consistently one of the best
even prior to the all the buzz is Jeff Runquists' 1448 blend.

Sticking with the WineStreet way we have made the decision,
if we are going to 'promote' this category the item is of the highest quality!

If customers are used to paying $8-11,
we are trying to make it as easy as we can to take the jump to one of the best!
(you won't go back)

2012 J. Runquist "1448" California Red Blend Reg $18.99 Sale $12.97
Named 1448 as an hommage to the altitutde of this small Sierra Nevada winery. Starting with the 2011 vintage, this wine is now made with select parcels from Jeff Runquist's favorite vineyards, rather than surplus barrels of varietal wine. Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot are the foundation of this wine, followed up by a hefty dollop of Tannat. Small quantities of Cab, Sangiovese, Tempranillo, Charbono, Souzao, Zin, Barbera and Syrah make up the rest of the blend. Loaded with black and lue fruit, with sweet vanilla and hazelnut aromas that carry to the palate. Accented by subtle smoky oak and framed by ripe tannins, this could use some age or at least some air.
We were originally allocated 5/6pks and sold out
We were given 1 more:
Vendor has 5+ left
(and has given us a better price to help move em)
2012 Vine Hill Ranch VHR Cabernet Sauvignon $169.97/$499.99 1/3pk in stock! (more Available!!)

"I can't say enough about the work the Phillips family has done with the first four vintages of VHR, Vine Hill Ranch. As Wine Advocate readers may remember from last year, the Phillips family has supplied some of the Napa Valley's finest estates with fruit for generations, but only began making their own wines with the 2008 vintage. An all-star team led by winemaker Francoise Peschon and viticulturist Mike Wolff look after every aspect of the wines with meticulous care. Although hardly a 'new' property, Vine Hill Ranch gets my vote as the single most exciting emerging winery in Napa Valley."
The history goes on and on for this 3rd generation grower family in Oakville. For decades upon decades, the Phillips family of fine grape growers managed their Oakville plot of land and sold to some of the biggest names in Napa Valley winemaking: Harlan, Bond ("Vecina"), Etude and Cakebread for their vineyard designated Vine Hill Ranch labels. Francoise Peschon of Araujo fame was hired to make a small batch of Cabernet Sauvignon from some of the best plots on the estate.
There is often a new "pretty girl" wine that gets the room buzzing, and last year it was the Vine Hill Ranch. It is clear this is one of the best Cabs on the market from Oakville, Napa Valley. For the lover of seamless wine that is elegant and complex and exhibits over-all finesse and concentration, this truly is for you.

RATINGS: 95pts Robert Parker | 96pts Tanzer|96+pts Galloni

"The Phillips family, along with vineyard guru Mike Wolf and winemaker Françoise Peschon, make a formidable team. The Vine Hill Ranch Cabernets are distinguished by great balance, mid-weight structure and tremendous energy. As good as the wines can be in open vintages such as 2009 or 2012, the Vine Hill Ranch Cabernets need at least a few years in bottle to blossom and give every impression of being age worthy. Stylistically, the wines are perhaps just a touch more restrained than the wines Peschon made at Araujo Estate. Classicists take note; Vine Hill Ranch is one of the very best and most pedigreed wines in Napa Valley." "A dark, sumptuous beauty, the 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon races across the palate with superb depth and intensity. Dark red cherry, plum, rose petal, mocha, spice and mint all meld together effortlessly as the wine builds to a resonant, super-expressive finish. The 2012 should offer a wide window of pure drinking pleasure, as it is far more open than most vintages have been at the same stage. Naturally, today most of the wine's appeal is in its fruit, so readers who prefer tertiary notes will have to wait for at least a few years. Even today, the wine's compelling personality exerts considerable pull. The 2012 is just as magnificent from bottle as it has always been from barrel. Drinking window: 2018 - 2037."

"Formerly the top assistant at Araujo, Françoise Pechon is the consultant at Vine Hill Ranch. She was responsible for turning out this gorgeous 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon from Oakville. Its dense purple color is accompanied by notes of ripe creme de cassis, licorice and graphite. Full-bodied with beautiful purity, a dense, multilayered mouthfeel, silky, well-integrated tannins, adequate acidity and a judicious touch of toasty oak, it can be enjoyed over the next 15+ years.".
We were originally allocated 5/6pks
and sold out!
Vendor had 4 left and we took them
Awesome Cabernet!

Spottswoode 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon "Estate" Napa Valley $169.97 btl $899.99/6pk
(96+ Points Parker) Pauillac like! (You mean Chateau Lafite??) 3/6pks in stock!
The Story
Spottswoode is a family-owned historic vineyard and winery renowned for its exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon. Established in 1882 by George Schonewald, the estate is distinguished by the pre-prohibition Victorian home depicted on the wine label. Spottswoode was christened by Mrs. Albert Spotts in 1910 and it was acquired by Mary and Jack Novak in 1972. Mary released Spottswoode's first Cabernet Sauvignon in 1982, exactly one hundred years after the estate's founding.Today, Mary's daughters Beth Novak Milliken and Lindy Novak manage the winery.
The Wine
Juicy primary fruit flavors predominate this inviting wine. Penetrating blackberry and blueberry essence with some creamy yogurt, cassis liqueur, plum, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Malted chocolate and a hint of black pepper on the nose. There is a density along with focus and a pristine delineation. Great structure and concentration, with ripe, refined tannins and good acidity. This remarkable wine has immense potential.
Robert Parker 96+ Points
"The opaque purple-hued 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon exhibits a glorious bouquet of creme de cassis, spring flowers, a Pauillac-like lead pencil note, and background new oak. The overall impression is one of restraint combined with richness. This full-bodied effort possesses good acidity and ripe tannin. It has been crafted for the long-term. The hallmarks of great Spottswoode wines are their purity and elegance combined with serious power. The 2012 has that in abundance. This youthful, reserved Cabernet will benefit from 3-5 years of cellaring, and will keep for two decades or more."

Only 5 cases left!
Amazing wine for the money!

We've been waiting for this one!! Don't miss: Shocking Value in 2010 Barolo
2010 G.D. Vajra "Albe" Barolo Reg $44.99 Sale $34.97 ($399.99/12)
94 points Wine Enthusiast **Editors' Choice** Intense floral scents of freshly cut roses and wild violets jump out of the glass. On the palate, dark cherry and crushed cherry twine with allspice, cinnamon, clove, leather and alpine herbs. All are partnered by assertive but supple tannins and fresh acidity. Best 20150 - 2030. (10/2014)
93 points Antonio Galloni The 2010 Barolo Albe has begun to close down in bottle. Today, the tannins dominate over the fruit, although from time to time the wine's personality begins to emerge. Rose petal, mint, sage and licorice meld together in a supple, racy Barolo endowed with both tons of near-term appeal and the potential to develop beautifully in bottle. Vajra crafts the Albe to be accessible young, but 2010 is a vintage in which a few years in bottle will only help. The Albe is one of the very finest Barolos in its price range. (Antonio Galloni) (9/2014)
2010 Vajra Barolo Albe
"The Albe is one of the very finest Barolos in its price range." -Antonio Galloni
Vajra's Albe is a go-to for value in Barolo. There are no other Barolos in this range that deliver what Albe does.
That changes in 2010. When the quality that Vajra has been turning out ran into the 2010 vintage, something wildly noteworthy happened. At this point, it's impossible not to take notice of what's going on at Vajra.
The 2010 Barolo Albe has an outrageous purity and acid-driven length. Everything is delivered with such vivid detail: the floral, dark fruit, spice and herbal notes are so beautifully, so clearly articulated.
By now, the deal with the 2010 vintage for Barolo is well known. Even Galloni, with so much experience in Piedmont, comes right out and calls the 2010 "the greatest young Barolo vintage I have tasted." The vintage has a magic combination of substance, energy and terroir-saturated clarity.
There's no doubt that the 2010 vintage provided a springboard for producers to hit new heights. Vajra's Albe exemplifies this. I'm very happy to offer a bottle that delivers so much for the price tag.

Smooth as silk Brunello for a song! (Only 3cases left : in stock!)
2008 Mocali Brunello di Montalcino Reg $49.99 Sale $29.97 ($349.99/12)
Wine Spectator 92 Points: A fresh, juicy cherry note is enlivened by spice and savory mineral elements in this lean yet firm red. Remains harmonious and persistent, featuring a long, spice-tinged aftertaste. Shows excellent potential. Best from 2016 through 2032. 1,650 cases made.-BS
International Wine Cellar 91 Points: Good full red. Captivating aromas of redcurrant, red cherry, sweet spices, violet and red rose. Then dense and suave in the mouth, with precise sangiovese flavors of red cherry, marzipan, minerals and herbs. The clean, long finish shows a penetrating note of redcurrant and rising, polished tannins. An excellent 2008 Brunello--and one of the best wines I have ever had from Mocali.-Id'A
Wine Enthusiast 91 Points: Soft tones of toasted almond, cinnamon, nutmeg and espresso make for a bold

The port wine of the vintage in a great vintage! Rare 1.5l holiday size!
2007 Graham's Vintage Port "Magnums" Reg $219.99 Sale $149.97 3 only 1.5 liters!
97 points Robert Parker's Wine Advocate : A candidate for wine of the vintage, the 2007 Graham's Vintage Port is complete in every way. Opaque purple-colored, it offers up an ethereal perfume of smoke, mineral, Asian spices, incense, an amalgam of ripe black fruits, and a hint of chocolate in the background. This leads to a dense, super-rich, plush, opulent wine that hides its structure under all the fruit. Vibrant, impeccably balanced, and exceptionally lengthy, it will easily age for another 25-30 years in the cellar and drink well through 2050, probably longer. It is a tour de force. (2/2010)
96 points Wine Spectator : Rich and chewy, with masses of blueberry, blackberry and raisin character. Full-bodied and very sweet, with a long, powerful finish. Big and juicy, with ultraripe fruit. Racy and full of class. Like cashmere in texture. Best after 2018. (5/2010) 95 points Wine Enthusiast : A Port for aging, as you would expect from Graham's. The wine is dry, firm, textured, solid and dense. The fruit flavors of fresh cranberry and black currant are a supporting act at this stage. Classic vintage. (12/2009)
94 points Stephen Tanzer's International Wine Cellar : Saturated, deep violet-ruby color. Supersweet nose conveys a distinctly liqueur-like quality to the flamboyant dark fruit, licorice pastille and chocolate aromas. Sweet, lush, round and hugely concentrated, with extraordinary lift and purity for a vintage port with this kind of ripeness and thickness of material. The sexy dark chocolate quality carries through in the mouth. Finishes with outstanding breadth, length and sweetness of fruit. It's easy to underrate a wine that's so sweet in the early going, but this has the density, vibrancy and spine for three or four decades of development in bottle. (1/2010) Jancis Robinson : Black with a narrow dark purple rim. Ripe dark damsons and violets and cassis, just a touch of fig. Lots of sweet oak spice. Sweetest dark fruit. Fine grained, peppery and then very fresh. Refined, tight and so pure and juicy and great freshness. Lovely balance and restraint. Empty glass smells of sweet roasted fruit. 18/20 points. Drink 2020 to 2045. (11/2010)

Brad's Top Pick:

One of those rare opportunities
to purchase a
WOW wine for under $50.

5 cases left in stock! An absolutely do not miss wine!!

"Seamless and incredibly layered! Pinot that will be better this time next year
and knock your socks off through 2025! 96 pts!"

2013 Melville Pinot Noir Sandy's $49.97 (5% cs discount)
A Pinot Noir Dry Red Table wine from USA,Santa Barbara,Central Coast,California,USA Review by Jeb Dunnuck # 220 (Aug 2015) Rating: 96 Drink 2016 - 2025
I think one of the top two wines in Melville's Pinot Noir lineup, the 2013 Pinot Noir Sandy's is drop-dead gorgeous. Similar to the Terraces, with its sweet bouquet of raspberry and black raspberry fruits, toasted bread, spice-box and licorice, it hits the palate with lots of fruit and texture, yet is always elegant, seamless and incredibly layered, with sweet tannin lending length and cut to the finish. Mostly destemmed and aged 14 months in neutral oak, this is a big, fruit-filled Pinot that will be better this time next year and knock your socks off through 2025

The exploding popularity of field blends (and crazy names) is a mine field. This non-descript category leaves the door wide open for just about anything! Including just some plain not very good wines. Consistently one of the best even prior to the all the buzz is Jeff Runquists' 1448 blend. Sticking with the WineStreet way we have made the decision that if we are going to "promote" this category the item is of the highest quality! If customers are used to paying $8-11, we are trying to make it as easy as we can to take the jump to one of the best! (you won't go back)
2012 J. Runquist "1448" California Red Blend Reg $18.99 Sale $12.97
Named 1448 as an hommage to the altitutde of this small Sierra Nevada winery. Starting with the 2011 vintage, this wine is now made with select parcels from Jeff Runquist's favorite vineyards, rather than surplus barrels of varietal wine. Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot are the foundation of this wine, followed up by a hefty dollop of Tannat. Small quantities of Cab, Sangiovese, Tempranillo, Charbono, Souzao, Zin, Barbera and Syrah make up the rest of the blend. Loaded with black and lue fruit, with sweet vanilla and hazelnut aromas that carry to the palate. Accented by subtle smoky oak and framed by ripe tannins, this could use some age or at least some air.
No better values for Oregon Pinot Noir than
Patricia Green
Limited to stock on hand!

Patricia Green Cellars is located in the Ribbon Ridge Appellation of the Willamette Valley on a 52 acre estate purchased in 2000 by Patty Green and Jim Anderson. The winery, and thus the two friends and business partners, are noted for producing a tremendously broad selection of vineyard designated Pinot Noirs from several vineyards representing some of the better sites in the Willamette Valley with a particular emphasis over the years on Ribbon Ridge, Dundee Hills and the Chehalem Mountain appellations. Patricia Green cellars focus is to produce Pinot Noirs that show the distinct characteristics of the sites and vintage within the context of the wines. Due to this all of the vineyards the winery either maintains or purchases fruit from are extremely well-tended sites that seek to grow the best fruit possible through rigorous attention to detail on every single vine. Over the years as many as 20 different bottlings of Pinot Noir have been produced in any given vintage. To ensure that these wines are of the highest quality possible, are unique in and of themselves and distinct across the range of wines the decisions we made about the quality of each barrel is quite rigorous ensuring that each bottling represents the best possible wine from each vineyard and vintage.

Coveted as the best Value in Oregon Pinot Noir: Winery sells out almost instantly every year!
Patricia Green Cellars Pinot Noir Reserve 2013 Reg $28.99 Sale $22.97
Recommended Best Buy! 90+ Our Score (8/2015) Patty Green, has done it again! Patty makes some of our favorite Oregon Pinot Noir and this latest vintage of her Reserve bottling is spot on. From the classic style 2013 vintage in Oregon, this fresh and drinkable medium-bodied Pinot shows wild red berries and dusty earth flavors along with elegant texture. Great value!
This is seriously good juice for the buck, loaded with fruit and rich in texture. Kudos to Patty and Jim for keeping the price more than fair. One of the best value Oregon Pinots noirs for 15 years, fresh and mouthwatering with sweet black berry/cherry fruit flavors and Patty's trademark full-bodied style. There's a bit of very appealing field herbs and earth in the mix and a smooth silky finish. It's ready to drink but is so well balanced I'd treat it like a higher priced wine and cellar it for 2-5 years. - Jean
One of the best under $25 Oregon Pinots each year, Patty Green and her team have perfected their "best representation of the vintage as a whole" as Patty puts it. Patricia Green Cellars 2013 Reserve Pinot Noir Willamette Valley. More muted in the nose than the riper 2012, more in line with the cooler 2011, this is a ethereal deft touch Pinot Noir that shows light dusty red fruits in the nose with cola and a dusty oak spice. The palate is light with red berry, loamy earth and cola kept in check with moderate acid. and a touch of Mushrooms on the The 2013 is exactly what we and hopefully others would hope for in this wine. It aptly details the sweet and succulent nature of the fruit in the 2013 vintage while giving enough structure to hold it all together but not so much so that the wine is not immensely enjoyable right now. The Reserve program has evolved from an every-so-often produced bottling to the mainstay of our production. This bottling allows us to accomplish two things that are very important to us as a winery. The first thing is that it allows us to use barrels from our vineyard designated sites that we think don't represent what we think that site's profile truly is. Sometimes that is based on vine age, clonal material or location within the site. This allows our vineyard designated wines to be true expressions of the site on a year in and year out basis. Secondly, it allows us to create a blended wine that has a degree of consistency to it each vintage that is of high-quality and will retail for less than $25. We are wine consumers just as we are winemakers and we understand the absolute necessity for good quality Pinot at more of an every day sort of price.

Only 170 cases produced depth, power and balance !
2013 Patricia Green Pinot Noir Balcombe Reg $39.99 Sale $32.97
A Medium bodied Pinot Noir. Light color, slightly cloudy. Medium intensity nose with cherry and peppery notes. Nice pinot from a great producer. Aromatics of cranberry, rhubarb, some soil, hints of black licorice. Deep red color, clear. Well balanced IRO acidity, tannins and oak. Good amount of sediment required careful decant. Great QPR. This site is now taking on new levels of seriousness as it starts to enter into maturity. The vines are now 23 years of age and the depth, power and balance of this particular bottling become further honed each vintage. Balcombe Vineyard is located at an ideal elevation and has great aspect and exposure on the southwest side of the Breyman Orchard Rd. hill. The old standard bearer and the single most popular wine we make. The consistency on this particular section of the vineyard is something else. Darkly fruited, brooding in its youth and much more structured and earthy than the regular Balcombe bottling. This section of the vineyard is a worker. It just cranks out an incredible wine every single year. Dating back to 1997 (at a former place of employ) this wine has been bottled on its own and has never once seemed to take even a slight hiccup. Every year the vines get more mature and at 24 years of vine age are just entering maturity. This is a gorgeous uber-rendition of Dundee Hills Pinot Noir. 43% new barrel, 170 cases bottled.

Add this up: Freedom Hill & Dijon Clones - Pinot Noir Heaven for less than $40!
2013 Patricia Green Pinot Noir 'Freedom Hill' Dijon115 Reg $46.99 Sale $38.97
We get three separate sections of Dijon 115 Clone from Freedom Hill Vineyard. The East Liberty Block has made up the entirety of this bottling in 2012 and 2013. Just as in 2012 we used between 50-60% whole cluster fermentation on these grapes to bring out the darker, denser, savory side of the Freedom Hill make up. This wine is uniquely dark in our long line up of 2013 wines and while color, flavor and texture are not necessarily linked in Pinot Noirs this one tastes and feels the way it looks. This has a strong, black-fruited tone to it with herbaciousness and spices mingling in for complexity. The tannins are sticky and firm. This wine will reward years worth of aging but will also be appreciated by fans of intense and muscular Pinots in its youth. 24% new barrel, 410 cases bottled. The 2013 vintage was very hot, but just before harvest, it rained for two days and changed the vintage dramatically. This wine features big fruit on the palate with great acidity and a touch of Oregon earth, for balance. The Freedom Hill vineyard is known for dark fruit and a plush texture. This is an outstanding wine, and we have an opportunity to pour it by the glass at SpringHouse.

For those of us old enough to remember
"The Crusher" and this has nothing to do with the wine
other than it crushes most at this price!:
"Do the hammer lock, you turkey necks!"

The Crusher's fame and reputation was known far and wide, although he was not a frequent world-traveler like some of his legendary counterparts. Instead, he preferred to stay within the prosperous Midwestern territories (Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Omaha) of the AWA, as well as the NWA's Midwestern (St. Louis, Kansas City, Detroit) and Southeastern (Georgia, Florida) circuits. He was skillful at cutting promos, as he would brag about his "100 megaton biceps" and offer to pummel "da bum" he was facing in the ring with ease, and he often delighted in calling opponents "turkeynecks." In 1964, the Minneapolis -based garage rock band The Novas wrote a song dedicated to him called "The Crusher", with lead singer Bob Nolan imitating the raunchy voice of Crusher Lisowski (and his trademark yell at the beginning of the record). The tune, which included the lyrics was popular in the upper Midwest and made it to #88 on the national Billboard chart..

The Crusher Wines:
(Don Sebastiani) Clarksburg AVA, California
Your Choice: Reg $14.99 Everyday
The WineStreet Way $9.99

Market Buster $99.99 Mix & Match Case of 12
2013 The Crusher Pinot Noir "Clarksburg"
2012 The Crusher Red Blend "Sweet Beat Ranch Clarksburg"
2012 The Crusher Cabernet Sauvignon "Wilson Vineyard Clarksburg"
2012 The Crusher Petite Syrah "Wilson Vineyard Clarksburg".

For more than 115 years, the Sebastiani name has been synonymous with quality winemaking in Sonoma County. Likewise, the Wilson family has been growing grapes in the Clarksburg region south of Sacramento since 1922. Created in tribute to the multi-generational partnership these two well-regarded wine families have enjoyed, The Crusher is fittingly named for the point where the fruit of one family's labors literally gives way to those of the other.
The Clarksburg AVA is an up and coming wine region located in California's Sacramento Delta. The area was quickly discovered by grape growers attracted by a microclimate which closely mirrored that of nearby Napa Valley. The soils here are a combination of poorly-draining clay and rich loam, meaning vines experience nutrient-rich, yet sometimes arid conditions. During the growing season, warm days give way to cooling afternoon breezes from the San Francisco Bay, dropping temperatures down 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit from their daytime highs. This mass of cool air allows wine grapes to retain more acidity than those grown in similarly warm regions

2013 The Crusher Pinot Noir "Clarksburg"
powerfully aromatic, with notes of pomegranate, rose petal and nutmeg. Juicy and spicy on the palate, this wine exudes flavors of plum, glazed strawberry and cinnamon bread from 12 months of French oak aging. Earthy notes dominate, showcasing the Clarksburg terroir and creating more nuanced complexity. Bright acidity and a touch of minerality frame this fruit-driven wine. Lively on the palate with a nice toasty finish, this fuller-bodied Pinot Noir lends itself to a bevy of food pairing opportunities. Try pairing with veal ragu and porcini mushrooms, a hot Italian sandwich on ciabatta bread or a simple Margherita pizza.

2012 The Crusher Red Blend "Sweet Beat Ranch Clarksburg"
56% Tempranillo!
Named in tribute to the agricultural roots of Clarksburg, "Sugar Beet Ranch" is a Tempranillo driven red-wine blend that opens with a fruity bouquet of cherry cola, ripe berries, and bacon coupled with toasty notes of cedar and sassafras. On the palate a flavorful array of boysenberries, raspberries and blueberry pie take center stage complemented by hints of vanilla and root beer on the finish. This medium-bodied wine is wonderfully balanced with bright well-integrated acidity. The velvety tannins and jammy mouthfeel make this wine exceptionally food friendly. Try pairing with grilled eggplant and mozzarella, seafood paella or a simple Margherita pizza. Varietal Blend: 56% Tempranillo, 30% Petite Sirah, and 14% Pinot Noir

2012 The Crusher Cabernet Sauvignon "Wilson Vineyard Clarksburg"
2012 The Crusher Cabernet Sauvignon opens with a vibrant bouquet of black cherry, toasted oak and captivating pepperiness. Graceful in the mouth, with a silky texture and lively dark berry fruit, fl­avors of plum and dark chocolate expand on the palate. Ten months of aging on 100% French oak imparts endearing smokey notes and a touch of sandalwood to this Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine -finishes impressively long and showcases wonderful fi-nesse and well-integrated tannins. Pair with a marinated London broil, porcini herb-crusted lamb or the classic New York strip steak. Blend: 92% Cabernet Sauvignon 8% Merlot
91 pts: Consumer From Cellar Tracker: Since moving to South Carolina from California, the wine selection here in the south is very limited. However, this California Cabernet Sauvignon is one of my best finds in a very long time. I stumbled across it at a local grocery store (Publix). It is a great value at $12.00 to $13.00 and has a very unique taste. In the glass, it is a very dark red with a nose of a smoky and plum aroma. With a jammy fruit flavor forward, it follows with strong blackberry and plum on the tongue. It's very complex background has hints of coffee, tobacco, cocoa, and cinnamon. But the unique thing about this wine is that I can swear I taste bacon. . . everyone I have introduced it to, has enjoyed it. So, try it, you will like it.

2012 The Crusher Petite Syrah "Wilson Vineyard Clarksburg"
92 pts tasting Panel: The characteristic Clarksburg Petite Sirah varietal that compromises the majority of this wine displays dark aromas of wild blueberry, black licorice and purple plum. 80% of the wine was aged on French oak promoting notes of caramelized vanilla bean. The remainder of the oak is Hungarian, which enhances characteristic notes of gaminess such as mushroom and tobacco leaf. This deeply expressive wine fills the palate with flavors of blackberry jam and dried cherry, mingling effortlessly with cinnamon bark and molasses. The mouth-coating tannins add structure and complexity to this full-bodied Petite Sirah, while the 6% Pinot Noir adds a layer of plush, round and supple flavors. This wine pairs nicely with olive tapenade on grilled bread, rack of lamb marinated with aromatic herbs or even dark chocolate lava cake.

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"Hard (Adult) Root Beer Floats"
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Not your Father's Root Beer 5.8% Alc/Vol

Coney Island Hard Root Beer 5.8% Alc/Vol
Reg $11.99 6pk Sale $9.97

Since the first release of "Not your fathers Root Beer" a couple Months Ago our orders were cut and we could barely get enough to keep in stock for a day or so!  Now the pipeline is better and with the release of Coney Island this week there is plenty to go around! Not Your Fathers Root Beer hard root beer hit the Western New York market for the first time a few months and has had consumers buzzing about it ever since. Its soda pop taste hides a high alcohol content of 5.9 percent. It's even sometimes served over ice cream as a root beer float.

Top Value Pick
Phillips Vodka 1.75 Reg $15.99 Sale $11.97
Karkov Vodka 1.75 Reg $14.99 Sale $10.97
Santa Rita 120 (all 7 varieties) $4.97
Cupcake Wines (all varieties) $6.97

Incredibly Rare
2012 Paul Hobbs Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer Dr Crane Vineyard
:In Stock: $249.97 btl $1399.00/6pk
98 Points Robert Parker A Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Red Table wine from USA,St. Helena,Napa,California,USA Review by Robert M. Parker, Jr. Cost: $240-$286 # 215 (Oct 2014) Rating: 98 Drink 2014 - 2032
Of the three Beckstoffer Vineyards, it's pretty much a joyride as to which one readers may prefer. The 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer Dr. Crane moves more toward the wet rock, blueberry, raspberry fruit spectrum, but still stays dark and foreboding, very concentrated and full-bodied. The great terroir comes through and the wine is distinctive, singular, opulent and rich. Another fabulous success from Paul Hobbs and one more showcase wine for this great vineyard. Anticipated maturity: now-2032. From one of Northern California's most accomplished and respected wine consultants and producers, the 2012s and 2013s will create high expectations, and readers are unlikely to be disappointed by Paul Hobbs and his team.

Ovid Experiment
Ovid - Mark Nelson and Dana Johnson brought together
the formidably talented team of Napa Valley vineyard manager star, David Abreu,
consulting winemaker, Andy Erickson, and winemaker, Austin Peterson,
to craft limited edition Bordeaux style blends
From their 15-acre organically certified vineyard on Pritchard Hill

2012 Ovid Experiment No. V6.2 Napa Valley Red Blend $449.99/3
68.31% Cabernet Franc, 19.49% Petit Verdot, 12.20% Cabernet Sauvignon
V is for Verdot... Petit Verdot, that is. Petit Verdot is a grape that is usually used in very small quantities (like 2% or 3%) in Bordeaux blends, adding deep notes, purple pigment and spiciness to the mix. Ovid's Petit Verdot comes from a tiny block and is unusually rich and balanced -- especially so in 2012 -- which inspired us to give it a more prominent role in our latest experiment blend. The 2012 Experiment V6.2 wine is made from the dynamic duo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, along with almost 20% Petit Verdot. Cabernet Sauvignon contributes great structure plus boysenberry and black cherry, while Cabernet Franc adds violets, sage and lush red fruit. Complementing these is the Petit Verdot, with its concentrated and savory bass notes of cardamom, allspice, blackberry and bacon. Experiment V6.2 has depth, dimension, and one more v-word: Verve.
Opens with a beguiling bouquet laced with mocha, espresso, exotic spices and plums. Medium in body, this gorgeous wine possesses tons of character and personality to burn. Layers of fruit continue to unfold all the way thorough to the round, creamy finish. Tasted the V6.2 yesterday at the Pritchard Hill PNV tasting. Such a beautiful wine! Really refined. All about the red fruit and flowers. Good tannin structure but not overwhelming

2012 Ovid Experiment No.L2.2 Napa Valley Red Blend $449.99/3
liked the left bank Bordeaux styled 2012 Experiment L2.2 ($150, 72.6% Cabernet and 27.4% Merlot) so much I purchased a few bottles to take home (a bit of a birthday splurge). It was the most ripe and structured of the wines we tasted. It bursts on the palate with incredibly pure black cherry and creme de cassis notes before melding into a lengthy, firm and spicy finish

2011 Ovid Experiment Napa Valley S3.1 $449.99/3
A blend of 47% Cabernet Sauvignon, almost 30% Syrah and 23% Cabernet Franc - There is an intriguing interplay between the wildness of Syrah and the tamer and more refined Cabernet - Purple-black in color, the Experiment S3.1 wine is a seamless cascade of flavors, delicious and open, and rich without being overpowering
Consumer from Cellar Tracker
04/07/2014: 93 pts Wow... crazy, very interesting. I think the syrah helps counteract some of the bad aspects of this vintage by making the wine a little more viscous or rounder? Really enjoyable.

Pre-Sell October 1st arrival
2012 Joseph Phelps Insignia 6/750ml $1189.99 : 3/1.5l $1199.99

The Wine Advocate - "A magnificent Insignia that will be bottled in several months, it boasts an opaque purple color as well as fabulous notes of graphite, blackberries, blackcurrant liqueur, camphor, barbecue smoke and spice box. Rich, full-bodied and opulent with plenty of tannin and structure lurking beneath the extravagant generosity of fruit, this stunning 2012 should drink well for 25-30+ years. Range: 96-100"
Vinous / Antonio Galloni - "The 2012 Insignia is one of the most intense, powerful wines of year. Dark red and black fruit, smoke, mocha, French oak, spices and leather burst from the glass in an explosive red built on texture and structure. Readers will find very little of the early appeal of 2012 here.Range: 94-96"
The 2012 Vintage: A staggering display of Napa Valley opulence, the 2012 is one of the best versions of Insignia in its more than 40-year run. Amped-up with gorgeous, multi-layered flavors of black cherries, cassis, dense purple fruits, smoky oak and spice, it's just hedonism in the glass. But don't think it's all show… this one will age for a couple of decades with no issues at all. If this achieves "perfection" in the eyes of the major critics, don't say we didn't warn you.

Only a handful of cases available: 2010 Brunello's are hot!

2010 Castiglion del Bosco Brunello di Montalcino (Pre-Arrival)$499.99/12 ($250/6) :
96 points James Suckling : Fabulous aromas of oranges, peaches and mahogany follow through to a full body with rich, chewy tannins and a long, flavorful finish. This is dense, tight, powerful, compressed and incredibly structured. Needs four to five years of bottle age to come out of its dormancy. (1/2015)
94 points Robert Parker's Wine Advocate : The 2010 Brunello di Montalcino is a ripe and fruit-forward expression that bursts with energy and red fruit intensity even at this young stage in the wine's life. Thick layers of cherry, blackberry, cassis, vanilla and cinnamon give the wine a bold, opulent personality. The tannins are super tame and docile, even for this more structured vintage. The wine boasts a medium build with bright garnet and ruby highlights. I think Castiglion del Bosco does a great job of executing and delivering this softer style of Brunello that works so well as a companion to the hearty, wintery foods we love most. You can drink it in the near or long term. It has that level of aging flexibility. The 2010 vintage is a great one to taste and buy. Massimo Ferragamo's Castiglion del Bosco shows the fruits of hard labor and major winery investments with the 2010 vintage. This stellar vintage shows us what his vineyards are capable of because the quality of fruit is so good. I can't wait to try the vineyard-designate Campo del Drago Brunello that was not ready at the time of my tasting. The house style favors softness and opulence, but this vintage adds the structure and brightness for truly great wines and longer drinking windows. (2/2015)
94 points Wine Spectator - "Complex and elegant, with cherry, licorice, leather and incense flavors. The firm grip of tannins quickly takes over, but this is long, echoing leather and spice. Best from 2019 through 2035. 2,100 cases imported. "

Delicious light and refreshing Vino Verde

From Portugal: "Green Wine"

Pavao $6.97/Gazela $5.97

Vinho Verde, the most popular white wine from Portugal, is a deliciously refressing, light wine. "Verde", meaning "Green" refers to the hints of lime color. It is an ideal warm weather wine, excellent for lunch and picnics, or an evening apertif. It makes a brilliant pairing with any fish, shellfish and poultry.

This style of Chardonnay is becoming the rave!
Try with Oysters(oily fare):

Domaine Costal Chablis Les Truffieres 2012 $31.97 .
100% of wine is vinified in stainless steel and aged for another 10 months in stainless steel
After being raised in stainless steel for 10 months, wine spends 3 months in demi-muid barrels (600-L) The wine is neither fined nor filtered The Truffieres vineyard is located in the commune of Villy, north of the town of Chablis
Cellar Tracker Notes
'12 volume on the nose and palate, plenty of green apple and straw, not so much "steel" but certainly minerally. Very impressive and approachable without losing any Chablisness.
92 pts Purchased from a different retailer, this bottle was equally impressive as the one sampled 12/3/14. Straw-colored, light-bodied and flaunting pear, green apple, chalk and chervil aromas, it delivers similar flavors in a fresh, seamlessly alcoholic (13%) frame. Solid in the middle and medium-to-long on the finish, this is a ripe Chablis which has achieved beautiful balance by virtue of its acidity. Drink now-2019.
91 pts This is very nice and very much ready to drink. Complex, with intense lemon notes and an excellent balance. It is hard not to finish the bottle by yourself.
92 pts Straw-colored, highly aromatic and simply delicious, this is yet another Kermit Lynch offering that provides a tremendous quality-to-price ratio. Pear, green apple, chalk and chervil aromas are followed by similar flavors on a light-bodied, freshly acidic, seamlessly alcoholic (13%) palate. Flavor-filled and juicy in the middle, it concludes with a medium-to-long finish. This Chablis is riper than most, but is balanced by beautiful acidity. It is hard not to bite at anything saying "Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant" on the label. Drink now-2019.
92 pts Seems to have more layers than all but the highest-end 1er Crus, and at a much better price. Finesseful, delicious.

Domaine Costal Chablis 1er Cru Vaillons 2012 $37.97
California-based wine importer Kermit Lynch made a wise choice in a winemaking partner when he teamed up with the great Jean Collet.
There have only been a few vintages of this beautifully balanced, thrillingly mineral wine imported into the U.S., sadly in rather small amounts. Worth searching out.

Fermented with indigenous yeasts in stainless tank
After racking, wine goes through malolactic fermentation in 1/3 stainless tank, 1/3 neutral barrel (228 L), and 1/3 used demi-muid barrel (600 L) Cellar Tracker Notes
90pts Ditto on the lemon lime and the seashell. Nice wine.
91 pts The bouquet hits you with a lemon-lime and seashell aroma that is a prelude to what is going to roll across your palate.
It is like a seashell reduction on the palate with those lemon-lime notes along with the crisp acidity you would expect from this genre.
This is a lovely Chablis from Kermit Lynch.

Wow: If you like New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc this is it! Easily compares to the $20+++ offerings!
GOLD MEDAL 2015 Sunset Magazine International Wine Competition!

2014 Chasing Venus Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Reg $16.99 Intro Sale $9.97
Chasing Venus Sauvignon Blanc 2013Tasting Notes: Expansive aromatics of grapefruit, lychee and lemongrass mark this 2014 vintage a straightforward New Zealand style that Sauvignon Blanc lovers are going to adore. Bright tropical fruits are followed by a lime zest finish with hints of passion fruit pith. Pair this bold Sauvignon Blanc with oysters, sashimi or seared tuna salad with a wasabi dressing.
Vineyard Notes: Chasing Venus wines are produced from grapes grown on small family farms in the acclaimed Marlborough appellation. The fruit was harvested and crushed in Marlborough. After fermentation, the wine was transferred to a stainless steel tank and shipped to our winery in Zamora where our winemakers added the finishing touches before bottling in November 2014.
Production: 7,905 cases produced
Other Notes: In 1768 Captain Cook was given command of the Endeavour and instructed to set sail for the Pacific in order to study the passage of the planet Venus across the disc of the sun. The second set of instructions concerning the voyage was secret: Cook was to search for the mysterious and elusive southern continent. With the help of a Tahitian chief named Tupaia, the Endeavour laid anchor in Poverty Bay, New Zealand in October 1769. The rest of the world just thought he was out Chasing Venus.

Our House Favorites Values To $15
Everyday The Winestreet Way $9.97

los vascos cabernet
los vascos chardonnay
los vascos sauvignon blanc

Peirano Estates Cabernet: Our #1 Selling Cabernet!
Peirano Estates Immortal Zinfandel Will Be Our #1 Selling Zin!
Peirano Estates Petite Sirah: New!
Peirano Estates The Other Red: New! (60 C, 30 M, 10 Syrah)
Peirano Estates The Unknown: New! (Syrah,Petite,Cab Blend)

Bogle Essential: 91pts Incredible Value Red Blend!
Bogle Petite Sirah: Award winning staple brand!
Bogle Merlot: Supple smooth nice value!
Bogle Chardonnay: Best Value Chardonnay!

Mark West Pinot Noir: Great Value Pinot Noir.
Clos Du Bois Chardonnay: No oak style:Love it!

Also available
Prairie Vodka 1.75 Reg $29.99 Sale $24.97
New!! Prairie Gin 1.75 Reg $29.99 Sale $24.97

Lafite Reserve Speciale Rouge 2013 Reg $17.99 Sale $14.97
Purple color with good intensity. On the nose, expressive and very aromatic with dark berries such as red currants, blueberries, and black currants. On the palate, medium bodied with pure, intense notes of fruit and a lovely freshness on the finish.Grape Varieties: 70% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon

Lafite Reserve Speciale Blanc 2013 Reg $17.99 Sale $14.97
Bright straw color with glints of gold. Intense and elegant, combining aromas of citrus (lime, grapefruit) and exotic fruits (passion fruit) with mineral notes. Very pleasing, lively, fresh finish with intense fruity aromas. Grape Varieties: 60% Semillon, 40% Sauvignon Blanc

excellent interplay between the sweet,
the sour and the natural fruit and citrus flavors!

2013 Murrieta's Well The Whip 2013 Reg $19.99 Sale $14.97
The Murrieta's Well The Whip 2013 is a boutique wine at a not so boutique price. This is a wine that experienced wine drinkers can spend some time with and inexperienced wine drinkers can immediately grasp. The wine is a bright golden yellow color. The very enticing nose has apples, orange blossoms, melon, cantaloupe, crushed stones, peach, lychee, cantaloupe, spice, and lemon zest. The wine has medium to full body, a creamy texture and very nice acidity. On the palate ripe fruit and nice spice hit first with tart citrus zest popping out on the back end. This has a long finish with nice tangy citrus making you want to grab another sip. This is an outstanding change of pace wine if you want to try something a bit outside your normal comfort zone. (91 pts)
The Murrieta's Well The Whip 2013 is a blend of 28% Semillion, 24% Chardonnay, 14% Sauvignon Blanc, 11% Orange Muscat, 11% Viognier, 11% Gewürztraminer and 1% White Riesling

2012 Murrieta's Well The Spur Reg $21.99 Sale $14.97
The wine is a nice ruby red color. The nose is big, dark, and serious with smoke, loamy earth, berries, black cherries, minerals, plums, black pepper, licorice, dried herbs, and some underbrush. This has medium body, soft to moderate tannins, and good acidity. On the palate the berries, smoke, and earthy elements hit first with plums and dried herbs coming in on the back end. The finish has decent length and closes with a big dash of black pepper. This wine screams for something hot and juicy right off the grill. (89 pts) The Spur celebrates the esteemed art of blending, combining the best the vineyard has to offer to handcraft the most interesting and sumptuous wine possible. This wine displays enticing aromas and flavors of black cherry and blueberry, with hints of chocolate, anise, spice and toasted oak. Mature tannins and balanced acidity lead to a smooth, lingering finish. 31% Petite Sirah, 29% Petit Verdot, 27% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Malbec, and 5% Cabernet Franc

Domaine Hubert Brochard Sancerre 2013
This fresh white wine is made from Sauvignon Blanc and produced on limestone, flint and clay soils. This is a very pleasant and elegant Sancerre with refined fruity and floral scents.
Lovers of the 'dry white wine' will commit this bottle to memory! The barefaced, savoury zinginess of this Sauvignon Blanc is its signature, along with its zesty citrus aroma showers to enliven the senses! Fresh, lively and expressive
Domaine Hubert Brochard Produced from varied terroirs, this is a very typical dry and fruity white Sancerre with floral scents and white fruit aromas.It is dry, fruity, and best enjoyed chilled. It is ideal with seafood, fish in sauces, and with certain cheeses, especially the Crottin de Chavignol goat?s cheese.
A sophisticated and elegant dry white. This has the classic character of fine Sancerre - it's succulent, very fresh and bone-dry, with a crisp lemon flavour and hint of materials. It's perfect for summer drinking.
About this bottle: Sancerre is one of the great classic white wines of Loire Valley, and this premium example combines a crisp, dry, whistle-clean character - sometimes described as 'flinty' - with plenty of zesty fruit flavour. It has been made with 100% Sauvignon Blanc grapes harvested from 30-year-old vines and it is unoaked. The winemaker was Daniel Brochard.
Grape Variety: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Country of origin: France
Region: Loire Valley

Amarone lovers will love it!
2012 Tommasi Poggio Al Tufo Rompicollo Reg $20 Sale $14.97
93 point rated Super Tuscan for less than $15! How often do you come across 93 point rated wines for less than $15? How about 93 point rated wines from one of Italy's most famous names in Amarone? Rarely, hardly ever, never! Trust us folks, the 2012 Tommasi Poggio al Tufo Rompicollo is one of our best finds of the new year, and it's more than worthy of the press that has been bestowed up on it.
This blend of 60% Sangiovese and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon comes from a single-vineyard site called Rompicollo, which benefits from a Southern exposure, ample sunlight, and a volcanic soil rich in tufo rock. The vines here are densely planted (2,700 vines per acre) in order to yield the best quality fruit. The wine sees a 10-day fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, followed by a 12-month maturation period in 65Hl Slavonian oak casks. Offering an intense bouquet of ripe red cherries and other mature red fruits, the wine is well-balanced with good structure and length. Perfect with pastas with red meat sauces, white meats, and fresh cheeses.
Reviews: Antonio Galloni's Vinous, Dec/14 93 Points: Dark bright red. Amarone-like opulence on the nose and in the mouth, with a raisiny nuance to the ripe, soft red cherry, sweet spice and herb aromas and flavors. So velvety and opulent I would have tasted it in Veneto had I tasted it blind, but it's so well balanced and smooth that it's pretty irresistible. Finishes long, with lush, smooth tannins and a hint of residual sweetness. I really like this wine because, for all its showy sweetness and opulence, it manages to retain a graceful quality without going over the top. Amarone lovers will score it even higher than I have.-Id'A

Fit for a King
at a Paupers price!

2014 Fess Parker Chardonnay Reg $19.99 Sale $12.97
* Daniel Boone knows how to make a Great Value Chardonnay and already into the 2014 vintage! Crisp clean superb spring chard from Santa Barbara!

2013 Steele Chardonnay Carneros Reg $22.99 Sale $15.97
* Hardly ever on Sale and one of our favorites form Carneros! Rich, clean and wonderful!

2013 Steele Pinot Noir Carneros Reg $22.99 Sale $15.97
* One of our largest selling Pinot Noirs at a ridiculous price: nothing competes at this price!

2012 Barnard Griffin Pinot Noir Reg $17.99 Sale $14.97
* A nice surprise from this staple producer! And a great new package!

2012 Bernardus Winery Chardonnay Reg $24.99 Sale $17.97
* Like a little butter and spice in your Chardonnay! Only a vintage change allows a discount on this Monterey beauty!

2013 Whitehall Lane Sauvignon Blanc Reg $19.99 Sale $14.97
* Not your usual grassy SB! Napa Valley richness in a round balanced wine that's just right! We really like it!

2012 Au Contraire Pinot Noir Reg $29.99 Sale $24.97
91 pts Wine Enthusiast - "Light and spicy, this hails from cool-climate sites. It is exhilarating in cinnamon and clove, with a structured core of wild strawberry and a finish of fennel. The aromas of violet that waft forward on the nose are incredibly inviting, as is the wine's silky texture

2012 Mount Eden Estate Pinot Noir Reg $66.99 Sale $55.99
Limited allocation: A Cellar Keeper! 94 points Wine & SpiritsThis is a commanding California Pinot Noir for the cellar, a rugged beauty with length, substance and complexity that feels deliberate and mountain grown. Cellar it for four or five years

2012 Thomas Fogarty "Rapley Trail" Net $55.97
93 Points Cellar Tracker Consumer: Taking its time to show in the glass, yet worth the wait, the '12 Rapley Trail showed a beautiful nose of sweet black cherry, exotic spice, roses, and fresh turned soil. On the palate, this showed notable heft and grip with intense, cool red fruit and floral tones. Dried spice and berry notes seemed to saturate the senses along with a coating of fine tannin. This is a very impressive effort which longs for a few more years in the cellar.

2012 Argyle Pinot Noir "Reserve" Net: $35.97
Exploding from the glass are intense aromas of strawberry preserves, cotton candy, sage and crushed rose leaves. The palate bursts with fresh strawberries, cranberries, red cherry and hints of red licorice. With its fantastic energy and racy acidity, this is a mouth-watering Pinot Noir

2012 Argyle Pinot Noir "Nuthouse" Net $46.97
93 CT: This is one of my first 2012 Oregon Pinots, and though very young, quite approachable right now with a good decant (2 hours here). In fact, one of the more impressive Pinots I've had all year. Paired with cedar-plank salmon off the grill and the usual summer potluck sides on a muggy evening. Dark violet, ruby color. Nose is somewhat muted, but I got some lovely garden raspberries, rhubarb, hints of mint, and some scattered eucalyptus notes. The palate is medium-to-full yet delicate and graceful, flowing with bright cherries, strawberries, more raspberries, lush, textured fruit punch, watermelon, and puckery lemon zest. The finish is still tight and very acidic, so probably best 2017-2022. Lovely wine

2012 Bergstrom Pinot Noir "Silice" Net $61.97
94 Pts Wine Spectator: Supple, complex and harmonious, offering a multilayered mouthful of cherry, plum, black tea, orange flower and warm stone flavors, all coming together on the closely woven, finely tannic finish, persisting expressively. Best from 2016 through 2022. 1,660 cases made

2012 Bethel Heights Pinot Noir "Aeolian" Net $39.97
Cousins Ben and Mimi Casteel are putting this stalwart property on an auspicious future track. Their Aeolian is a mix of vines about 15 to 20 years old in windier sections of their exposed Salem property, and it's tightly wound in the way Oregon wines used to be. Even as it opens, it's a sleek wine: bayberry and Bing cherry, more mineral and floral, not revealing an ounce of fat.
92 pts CT: One of the wine pairings at The Inn at Langley, paired nicely with duck and beef.

2012 Bethel Heights Pinot Noir "Casteel Reserve" Net $59.97
94 W & S This has a dark resolve. Its red plum and floral scents, its focus and depth all gain with a day of air. But its texture is the marvel here, firm and muscular, with an acidity that gives the wine an almost propulsive quality. Decant it for leg of lamb.

2012 Penner Ash Pinot Noir "Estate" Net $62.97
92 points Vivid ruby. Aromas of ripe blackberry, cola, lavender and allspice, with subtle vanilla and mineral qualities in the background. Fleshy and silky in texture, offering sweet red and dark berry flavors that are given lift and spine by juicy acidity. Becomes slow-mounting tannins. I like the blend of richness and vivacity here. International Wine Cellar, Josh Raynolds, July/August 2014, Issue 175
91pts CT DArk red color. PNP, tasting pour. Darker fruit here, more intense, more fruit, dried earth, raspberry and cherry, oak, vanilla. The palate is youthful, deeper, riper, black cherry, cherry vanilla cola, supple texture. Needs 2+ years

2012 Penner Ash Pinot Noir Net $44.97
90pts Brilliant ruby-red. Intense raspberry and cherry aromas are complemented by white pepper, allspice and smoky minerals. On the palate, juicy, sharply focused red fruit flavors stretch out and gain weight with air. Finishes on a lively spicy note, with very good length and sneaky tannins. Distinctly elegant for the vintage and very enjoyable now. International Wine Cellar, Josh Raynolds, July/August 2014, Issue 175
90pts CT Gleaming red. Spicy nose with clove and tea along with a grilled meat quality. On the palate, more of the peppered meat, and plenty of spice surrounding ripe cherries and dark raspberry. More rustic than expected

2012 Eyrie Pinot Noir "Reserve" Net $73.97
94 Points Tanzer "Vivid red. Expressive, highly perfumed aromas of red berries, cherry compote, sassafras, potpourri and Asian spices, with a hint of musky underbrush in the background. Offers vibrant, concentrated raspberry and bitter cherry flavors and a suggestion of blood orange that adds bite and cut. Aeration brings up sweeter dark fruit character with no loss of vivacity or definition. Closes spicy, focused and extremely long, with gentle acidity lifting the sweet red fruit preserve and floral pastille flavors. - Josh Raynolds
St Innocent Pinot Noirs represent some of the finest values in Oregon Pinot Noir: We can find no ratings on these newly released wines that explain why they may still be available! Highly recommended!

2012 St Innocent Pinot Noir "Momtazi" Net $31.97
Needs 5-6 years cellar to gain complexity. Not forward in a forward vintage. Windy rocky vineyard site.. Does well in hot vintages like this. Super barnyard-y. Light mid palate and finish.

2012 St Innocent Pinot Noir "Zenith" Net $36.97
91 pts Cellar Tracker Consumer Full aromatic nose has primary aromas of black cherry, strawberry and raspberry. On the jammier side of the richness spectrum. Some herbal and floral notes add interest. Attractive nose, but definitely in a forward and rich state today. Palate has medium body with abundant of freshness, energy and lift. Contrary to the aromas, on the palate the fruit shows leaner and light-on-its-feet. Once again, the flavors and texture are primary as you'd expect with a young wine but the acid backbone would suggest a long life. Enjoyable today with probable upside as this develops and matures

2012 St Innocent Pinot Noir "Freedom Hill" Net $36.97
91 pts Cellar Tracker Consumer So St. Innocent, so Freedom Hill, so 2012, and so darn good

2012 St Innocent Pinot Noir "Shea" Net $47.97
93 pts Cellar Tracker Consumer Decanted thru an aerator for 60 minutes and drank over next 3 hours. Dark, opaque, especially for an Oregon Pinot. Dark fruits with red berry overtones. Lots of things going on. This one will only improve with a few more years in the cellar.

2012 St Innocent Pinot Noir "Justice" Net $48.97
91 pts Cellar Tracker Consumer Decanted. Opened up well over 2 hours. Still maturing. Lovely balance; on the mid+ level of weight. 13.5%

2012 Solena Pinot Noir "Grand Cuvee" Net $25.97
92 points Wine Spectator - "Sleek, lithe and inviting, with juicy cherry, black cherry and gentle spice flavors that glide quickly over polished tannins into a long and vivid finish. This has presence, harmony, depth and persistence. Best from 2016 through 2022. Smart Buy"

2012 Antica Terra Pinot Noir "Botanica" Net $71.97
"Botanica is always sappy and sanguine with a taste of wild rose, sour cherries, and blood orange. It is tempting to define them solely by their compelling texture and lush personality, but there is a structural element that is equally striking. This balance between extraordinarily concentrated fruit and intense levels of extract is the essence of the wine. 630 cases produced

2012 Antica Terra Pinot Noir "Ceras" Net $66.97
Antica Terra Pinot Noir "Ceras" 2012 is an elegant Oregon red that offers mineral, herb, earth and tart blue fruit character with opulent mouthfeel and a long finish

2012 Brickhouse Pinot Noir "Dijonnais" Net $47.97
92 pts W & SAll the Brick House wines are certified organic and Biodynamic. Les Dijonnais spent 15 months in 30% new French oak. The opening aromas lead with fresh, lively, buoyant notes of cherry fruit. With more exposure to air its tannins get a bit chewy, and the wine shows impressive strength through a long finish.

2012 Brickhouse Pinot Noir "Tonnelier" Net $41.97
94 pts W & S: Tight and tannic when first opened, this 100% Pommard clone Pinot ultimately bursts open with black cherry and cassis fruit, a strong streak of cola, and notes of moist earth, chocolate and espresso. A firm through-line carries it into a dense finish, which has the authority and power to reward another decade at least of cellar time. Drink now through 2025. — P.G. (2/1/2015)

2012 Winters Hill Pinot Noir Net $22.97
91 pts Tanzer "Lurid red. Sexy, high-pitched aromas of fresh raspberry and candied rose, with white pepper and blood orange notes adding complexity. Silky, seamless and appealingly sweet, offering lively red fruit flavors and a touch of white pepper. Shows very good energy and cut on the tangy finish, which displays an echoing raspberry note and little in the way of tannins." $25

If you aren't on the Wente train: You should be!
Superb everyday values!

New "riva ranch pinot noir" 2012 reserve cabernet & southern hills cabernet!
no better value in chardonnay under $20 bottle: period!

Wente 2013 Riva Ranch, Arroyo Seco Chardonnay Reg $17.99 Sale $14.97
The 2013 Wente Riva Ranch Chardonnay (Arroyo Seco, Monterey, Ca., $17-$20) is a well-balanced chardonnay with moderate oak and good acidity, making it a good match for a variety of foods. It has tropical and butterscotch aromas. The same flavors come through on the palate, along with some ripe apple. A bit of lemon surfaces on the creamy finish. Serve with roast chicken, seafood chowder and more.

new: viva ranch pinot noir:
not your usual $20 pinot:
it's earthy, gravely is it pommard???!

Wente Vineyards, 2012 Riva Ranch, Arroyo Seco Pinot Noir Reg $31.99 $24.97,
14.5 percent, $30. This pinot noir is a touch earthy and it works well with its bright, red fruit flavors. Notes of cherry, strawberry and toast. Nice length This wine was previously known as Reliz Creek Pinot Noir. From the 2012 vintage onwards, Wente has changed the name to reflect the single vineyard origins.
Since the early 1960's, Wente Vineyards has been growing Pinot Noir in the Arroyo Seco region of Monterey. This wine was named after the creek that runs through the Estate vineyards. Arroyo Seco is the ideal region to grow this Burgundian varietal because of the long, cool growing season, which allows the grapes to fully ripen and develop deep fruit flavors. The gravelly-loam soils found here, rich with shale and limestone deposits, impart desirable earthy and mineral qualities to the wine. There are several blocks dating back to 1963, which are planted with the old Pommard and Martini clones. Neighboring these are much more recent, high-density plantings that include a variety of new clones. All of the fruit is hand picked and sorted.
Colour: Light garnet red. Aroma: This Pinot Noir has aromas of cherry, strawberry and vanilla, with hints of toasted oak, earth and cigar box. Taste: Shows flavours of black cherry and vanilla, undertones of earth and spice are followed by a long fruity finish. Pairing: Grilled pork chop, bbq ribs and filet mignon.
2012 ~ Silver - 2015 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition
2012 ~ 90 Points. "Smooth coconut, yellow apple, buttered toast and a touch of tangerine. Totally delicious." - Gord Stimmell, Toronto Star, Nov 22, 2014
Riva Ranch Single Vineyard Pinot Noir (2012, 14.5%, CA). This is an estate grown, single vineyard offering, meaning that in addition to being grown on the Wente estate, 95% of the grapes come from the single property listed (the 95%'s US law if you want to call it single vineyard). In this case, it's the Arroyo Seco vineyard in. The nose on this Pinot is spicy smoke, boysenberry and cranberry. The taste was round, with flavors of smoke, dark green herbs and spices and cherries. It finished on a toasty oak. I think I can best describe this Pinot Noir as an herb garden in Autumn. Think of fire pits with woodsmoke, the last of the herbs in your garden and how good they smell when you brush by them, dark ripe fruits and that lively Autumn feeling you get on a crisp fall day. This wine is for you if you like your red wine tart and full and less fruit forward.

forget paso robles for cabernet:
these Two 2012 cabernets from wente have bright fruit and a complex fruit:
like washington meets napa valley:
nice buys!

2012 Wente Charles Wetmore Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Reg $31.99 Sale $24.97
2012 ~ Silver - 2015 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition
2012 ~ 94 Points. "This estate vineyard is named for gentleman who helped develop the area in the late 1800s by bringing cuttings from some of the best vineyards in Bordeaux; in that same style, this Cabernet Sauvignon has small amounts of Petit Verdot, Petite Sirah, Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Merlot added for intense complexity; aged 14 months in French and American oak; over-delivers in terms of value and quality." - BeverageDynamics, Sept/Oct 2014

The origins of Wente Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon date back to when Charles Wetmore first imported this clone of Cabernet to the Livermore Valley from the commune of Margaux, France. This wine has wonderful aromas, a silky texture with flavours of black fruit, plum, and cedar provided by the cabernet lots. There are additional layers with subtle hints of vanilla and toasty oak. The petit verdot adds structure through tannins, creating elegance to the wine. This wine delivers a soft, rich taste experience.
Colour: Dark garnet red. Aroma: Aromas of cassis, mint, black cherry, and toffee. Taste: This wine is rich with currant, plum, cedar, and mint. Aging in small French and American oak barrels gives the wine a chance to mellow the big hearty tannins, while adding nice flavours of vanilla and clove. On the mouth, the tannins are big and round accompanying the dark fruit that serves as the backbone of this wine.
Pairing: Pair with all types of red meats and robust
The first wine we tried was Wente's Charles Wetmore Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon (2012, 13.5%, CA). The nose on this Cabernet Sauvignon pops out with cherry and new oak. The flavors are some of my all time favorites when it comes to Cabernet: chocolate cherry and mocha that finished long oakey. The tannins were well behaved and full of flavor and it felt supple in my mouth. Here comes the educational part: "Estate grown" on the label means that the winery and the vineyard where all the grapes are grown are located in the same viticultural area. The winery owns or controls the vineyards, and the wine was made by the winery at its facility on the estate. 1 Wente owns and cultivates over 3,000 acres of "sustainably farmed" estate vineyards. This one came from the...Charles Wetmore vineyard (well, duh). Wetmore was California's first agricultural commissioner and a Livermore Valley pioneer. Buy this wine if you like smooth reds that have a ton of flavor but not so much oak.

2012 Wente Vineyards Southern Hills Cabernet Reg $17.99 Sale $12.97
In the glass, 'Southern Hills' Cabernet Sauvignon is a nice deep ruby red with aromas of cigar box, coffee, mocha, ripe plum and black cherry - a beautiful smell indeed. On the palate, it has some nice acidity, 13.5% alcohol so not a 'hot' overbearing wine and medium silky tannins. This is not a 'big' Cabernet Sauvignon and I am thrilled. It is restrained and elegant with a nice finish. The flavour profile mirrors the aromas here with loads of lovely plum and cherry fruit along side a mocha-coffee spice. This is a food friendly wine - thank you! Elegant, balanced and complex. Great price for classic Californian Cabernet. Cool-climate influences at play here. We'll start with the estate grown wine, Wente's Southern Hills Cabernet Sauvignon (2013, 13.5%, CA), and as you may have deduced already, it comes from vineyards that are located along the southern hills of the Livermore Valley. Were you paying attention two weeks ago? Ok, then, what does "estate grown" mean in wine speak? If you said that it means the grapes were all grown on land owned by the winery and then made into wine by the same winery, you are right. If not, go back and read it again. There's another quiz coming. The wine opens with a nose of black cherry and black plum. It tastes of dark, rich stone fruit in the middle and is surrounded by a touch of oak and a hint of dark green spice. It finishes up long and smooth and rich. This is a classic Cabernet Sauvignon with all the good things about that varietal and none of the bad. For the record, it is blended with other wines, so it's 76% Cabernet Sauvignon, 9% Petit Verdot, 9% Petite Sirah, 3% Malbec, 2% Cabernet Franc and 1% Merlot. The Merlot adds to the richness of the fruit tastes and the Malbec gives it some nice heft. A great wine, estate grown or wherever.
2013 Smith & Hook Monterey Cabernet Sauvignon
Reg $25.00 Sale $14.97

its back: a once a year deal!

Lip smacking in your face great value Cabernet!!
35 cases arrived!
Fragrantly aromatic and structured on the palate, this wine balances initial scents of plum and cherry with undertones of cacao and vanilla. Building tannins crest on the mid-palate, supported by flavors of boysenberry and cassis. This wine pairs a vibrant purple color with expressive aromas of blackberries and cassis; richly textured on the palate, this wine's robust tannins provide a frame for black cherry flavors and spicy notes of vanilla and cloves; air this with your favorite burger off the grill.

2011 Chateau Puech-Haut Coteaux de Languedoc Prestige
Reg $24.99 Sale $14.97

Review by Jeb Dunnuck "The Rhone Report" Rating: 93 Drink 2014 - 2020
The 2011 Chateau Puech-Haut Coteaux du Languedoc Saint-Drezery Cuvee Prestige is an incredible effort. A blend of 55% Grenache and 45% Syrah that's aged all in concrete tank, it is a flamboyant, decadent 2011 that gives up copious black cherry and pit styled fruits, licorice, pepper, and black olive aromas and flavors. More supple and forward than the 2010, with a full-bodied, seamless, mouth feeling texture that never seems heavy, it has a core of gorgeously pure fruit, juicy acidity, and ripe tannin on the finish. Enjoy this knockout effort over the coming 5-7 years. 93 Points ~ Rhone Report

Review by Robert Parker Wine Advocate # 204 (Dec 2012) Rating: 91 Drink 2012 - 2018
A sensational offering from proprietor Gerard Bru, the 2011 Prestige is the estate's least expensive wine. Readers may remember the fabulous review the 2010 Prestige received, and the 2011 is just as special. With Bru's top Reserve wine selling for nearly $100 a bottle, the Prestige cuvee is an outstanding value. Interestingly, Bru has had three of the greatest winemaking consultants on Planet Earth working for him, first Michel Rolland, followed by Claude Gros and now Philippe Cambie. A blend of 60-75-year-old vine Grenache (55%) and 40-year old Syrah (45%), all grown on limestone soils dominated by the famous large rocks (galets roules) also found in parts of Chateauneuf du Pape. The wine is aged in concrete tanks prior to being bottled unfiltered. Some of the vineyards are farmed organically and others biodynamically. The wine exhibits a tremendous perfume of sweet raspberries, spring flowers, forest floor, truffles and lavender as well as a beautiful texture, a full-bodied mouthfeel, stunning velvety tannins and purity, and a long finish. This is the "real deal." Drink it over the next 4-6 years

Wine News

We are proud to bring you the following news, so that WineStreet can help you make the BEST wine choices for your enjoyment.
Here are this weeks comments.

WineStreet Demo
Image Not Available Wente Riva Ranch Chardonnay SALE PRICE
Our #1 Selling Chard! "Baby Rombauer" Our Reg.
This Chardonnay has quickly become our number 1 selling Chardonnay. Juicy and full of gorgeous Chardonnay fruit, yet with enough structure and acidity to finish super clean and refreshing. Those who are familiar with Rombauer agree with the similarity!! Superb!
Edna Valley Vineyard Chardonnay 2011 SALE PRICE
An Amzing Chardonnay Value!! Our Reg.
This well-made chardonnay is widely distributed, fairly priced and avoids all the pitfalls California chardonnay so often falls into. It's crisp, clean and has good, bracing acidity ? a sign of its cool-climate origins. There's a touch of vanilla from the oak, but it isn't over the top. It offers bold, assertive fruit with hints of pear, baked apple, lemon and spices. Chardonnay is far from my favorite white varietal, but sometimes you come cross one that hits just the right note. 90 points Best Value Chardonnay! Lush and smooth with ripe, juicy flavors of pear, white peach and spice; rich, creamy and dense; balanced, crisp and lovely. ? 90 Points Tasting Panel
Michelle Brut NV SALE PRICE
Washingtons Finest Sparkling Our Reg.
90 points and an Editors' Choice, Wine & Spirits: " Washington- Bright acidity and effervescence cleanses the palate, while the delicate flavors complement a wide array of dishes. This simple bubbly has a broad, citrusy scent and fresh, persistent mousse. A good value for a sparkling apertif.
Sterling Aromatic White SALE PRICE
Perfect for Easter and Spring! Our Reg.
Exotic aromas of honeysuckle and orange blossom, leading to a bright, off-dry palate brimming with sweet citrus and juicy tangerine flavors. Balanced acidity and wonderfully delicious.? We sourced our fruit from several vineyards throughout California, all of which share a similar climate of warm days and cool nights. Up and down California, these wine regions enable the grapes develop rich, ripe flavors under the heat of the sun. In the evening, cool Pacific breezes lower temperatures, allowing the acids to develop alongside the sugars. The resulting grapes show bright fruit flavors, lush texture and good acidity. Recognized for their intense fruit and floral profiles, the aromatic white varietals include grapes such as Muscat, Malvasia, Viognier, Riesling, and Gewurztraminer.
Liberty School Chardonnay SALE PRICE
Must Try! Our Reg.
Much like the 2010 growing season, 2012 began cold and rainy. Monterey County had spring showers and low temperatures which pushed the growing season back almost two weeks. As spring and summer progressed, temperatures stayed fairly moderate and steadily ripened our Chardonnay grapes. 2011 Liberty School Chardonnay has a brilliant pale-lemon color and soft aromas of citrus fruit and freshly sliced Granny Smith apples. A full and rich mouth feel lends to excellent structure and culminates with a long and clean finish.
Liberty School Cabernet SALE PRICE
One of the BEST Value Cabs! Our Reg.
The 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon opens with aromas of black cherry, plum and violets, followed by subtle flavors of strawberry and allspice. Firm yet supple tannins finish off this approachable fruit-driven Cabernet Sauvignon, making it ideal for a variety of food pairings.
2012 Uppercut Cabernet SALE PRICE
$19.99 /12@$179.99
Best Cab Under $20?!?! Our Reg.
Perfect with a sizzling steak, Uppercut Cabernet Sauvignon boasts aromas of dark fruit, espresso, violet and spice. Smooth blackberry, black cherry and cocoa flavors expand across the palate, revealing nuances of caramel and toffee from new oak barrels. This broad-shouldered Cabernet Sauvignon draws you in with its expressive nose. The deep flavors?structured with firm, approachable tannins and lively midpalate acidity?stand up to the bold flavors of grilled rib-eye steaks and braised short ribs. Its multi-layered personality is unmistakably Napa Valley Cab.
Marietta Old Vine Red SALE PRICE
This wine flies off retailers shelves, so smart consumers take note." -Wine Advocate Our Reg.
Bright, ripe notes of berries and red florals meet pronounced flavors of sweet baking spices, red and black fruits and hints of earth. Medium-firm tannins provide structure and balanced acidity lends lift to the long finish. Marietta's version of a traditional field blend, the fruit for this Zinfandel based blend was harvested from vineyards in Sonoma and
2012 Meiomi Pinot Noir SALE PRICE
Made by Caymus!!! Our Reg.
MEIOMI Pinot Noir Monterey-Santa Barbara-Sonoma Counties 2011 Score: 92pts Wine Spectator! | $22: Dark and rich, showing toasty mocha oak flavors, with a beam of wild berry, raspberry, cola, vanilla and spice. Long on the finish. Drink now through 2020. 92,000 cases made. ?J.L..
2010 Obsidian Ridge Cab SALE PRICE
Big, Bold, and Juicy Our Reg.
15 cases only!! at 2,640 feet atop the Mayacamas range north of Napa Valley on the ridge separating Alexander Valley and Clear Lake. Red Hills Lake County is one of the newest American Viticultural Areas, named for its defining volcanic soils The wine is an elegant, aromatic expression of Cabernet Sauvignon with the dark red color of a mountain Cab. Its bouquet includes spices of bay, clove and anise on a core of cherries, cranberries and red plums. Rich, full-bodied and densely structured, it offers flavors of dark cherries, espresso beans and chocolate. The wine was aged for 18 months in the winery's signature Kadar Hungary oak barrels, 50% new. It will age for 10-15 years but is already hard to resist! The finish is long and alluring!
2012 Pesquie Les Terrasses SALE PRICE
Unbelievable Our Reg.
"In the same mold and an awesome value year in and year out, the 2012 Cotes du Ventoux Cuvee des Terrasses is a blend of 70% Grenache (60-year-old vines) and 30% Syrah (30+-year-old vines) that was aged two-thirds in concrete (and some in stainless steel) and one-third in older oak. Made from a blend of different terroirs on the estate (and basically declassified Quintessence) and coming from hillside vineyards lying between 840-930 feet in elevation, it offers up a gorgeously pure, supple and seamless profile with kirsch and berry-styled fruit, licorice and spring flower-like qualities all emerging from the glass. Elegant, forward and delicious, it gains in stature in the glass, is ridiculously textured from such an inexpensive wine, and has sweet tannin emerging on the finish. Buy this thrill ride of a Cotes du Ventoux by the case and enjoy bottles over the coming 3-5 years." The Wine Advocate, 92 Points
Frontera Cab/Merlot SALE PRICE
Rock Bottom Price!!! Our Reg.
The Cabernet Sauvignon brings aromas of plums, tobacco, cacao and a good structure in the mouth. The Merlot brings aromas of black fruits, raspberries and silkiness in the mouth. The result is a fruity wine, of medium body and a good finish. 85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Merlot
Yellow Tail 750's (Select Types) SALE PRICE
BIG SALE!!! Our Reg.
It all began way back in 1820s when the first Casellas began crafting wine in Italy. Over a century later, in 1951, Filippo Casella and his wife Maria decided to leave their homeland to pursue their hopes and dreams of a better life in Australia. Recognizing the potential of his new surroundings, Filippo purchased a farm in the small town of Yenda, New South Wales, and did what came naturally. He began selling grapes to local wineries, and by 1969 decided it was time to put his own winemaking skills to use and the Casella winery was.
Beringer California Collection SALE PRICE
Cheap and Tasty!
Cannonau di Sardegna 2009 Riserva SALE PRICE
Drink this, Live LONGER!!! Our Reg.
In Italy and elsewhere in Europe, wine connoisseurs and industry professionals rate Sella & Mosca among Italy's most outstanding wine estates. Sella & Mosca's I Piani estate in Sardinia constitutes the second largest contiguous vineyard in Italy and counts itself among the country's most impressive wineries. Situated in the northwest corner of Sardinia, just inland from the pretty, historic port of Alghero, this 1,600-acre property with more than 1,200 acres of vines is one of the largest wine estates in Europe
2012 La Cala Vermentino di Sardegna SALE PRICE
Awesome Italian Juice Our Reg.
A favorite of the jet set at Sardinia?s chic resorts, La Cala is the ultimate definition of the Vermentino grape. It is romantically named for a small, secluded cove fringed by violet-colored thistles on the edge of the Sella & Mosca estate. Few wines rival La Cala for its exceptional affinity with seafood, thanks to the very subtle presence of a natural marine salinity in the wine, credited to the Mediterranean location of Sella & Mosca?s Vermentino vineyards.
2011 Dr. Loosen Riesling SALE PRICE
Best Value Riesling!!! Our Reg.
*89 Points Wine Spectator! luscious pear, peach and apple aromas retain the crisp sweet tart quality of ripening fruit just before harvest. On the palate, the medium-bodied wine is refreshing and juicy, with zippy acidity balancing bright flavors of pear, apricot, mango and lime. The lush attack is followed by a long finish that is simultaneously sweet and tart, dry and mouth-watering. ideal welcome wine for every gathering, and a great go-to glass for just about every course in a meal.
Terra D'Oro Deaver Zinfandel SALE PRICE
Best Zin Under $20 Our Reg.
Planted in 1881----Approximately 23 That swale produces a crop that is harvested separately due to the soil depth yielding different complexities in the fruit. The wines are al head trained which has been most effective with Zinfandel because it gives the fruit excellent sun exposure. The Deaver acreage is iconic when discussing Amador Zinfandel, as it continues to produce rich fruit with amazing concentration, character and Shenandoah spice. The palate is focused with crisp and juicy layers of ripe blackberry, spicy plum and soft chewy tannins. The baked spice components add complexity to this bold wine and support a great balance of power and restraint. For a zesty pairing, serve this wine with a roasted rack of lamb or a juicy ribeye steak.
Roar Pinot Noir SALE PRICE
Same maker as Luli!! Our Reg.
From select blocks of Rosella?s, Garys? and Sierra Mar comes the pretty and easy to fall in love with Roar SLH cuvee, which is a fantastic wine and has be considered one of the best values in the region. The blend of vineyards is a plus, and of course coming from some of the most prized sites in California, let alone in the Santa Lucia Highlands, this is no ordinary entry level wine! In the past this wine has even included some Pisoni fruit and it still might, but even without it, this is great stuff. This is one of the last Roar releases that was fashioned by Ed Kurtzman, he led Roar, after Adam Lee of Siduri, from 2007 to 2012 and will be missed, though the transition to new winemaker Scott Shapley looks to have gone very smoothly and all parties are moving happily ahead. The 2012 is more plush than 2011 or 2010, but the style is very consistent with the past with beautiful silky texture, unfiltered transparency and round full flavors. The nose is graced with red fruits, mocha and spicy elements leading to a palate of raspberry, cherry and plum fruits with hints of vanilla, peppercorns, briar and anise with hints of smoke, mineral and earth. This wine is vivacious and will drink nicely for next 4 or so years 92+ Points, grapelive 3/2014
Louis Martini Cabernet SALE PRICE
Great Cab! Our Reg.
Louis Martini 2012Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon is a blend of the unique characteristics of each vineyard, creating a superbly balanced Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine has flavors of black plum jam and ripe loganberries. Hints of oak and a touch of Christmas spice support the fruit. The cooler vintage created a finish with a classical, Old World structure It has plenty of plush black cherry, blueberry and blackberry fruit with hints of toast and vanilla. It?s round and plump in the mouth, with enough savory acidity to keep your mouth watering. It finishes with burnished tannins. Keep it around for your favorite burger or red meat from the grill..
Barone Fini Pinot Grigio SALE PRICE
Grown on the same Hillside as Santa Margarita! Our Reg.
The Pinot Grigio vineyards of BARONE FINI are 25 to 30 years old. Grape picking is manual; all blemished clusters are discarded. Selected grapes are taken to the excellent, state-of-the-art cooperative winery, where they are put through soft, cold crushing. Juice is then divided into several units, each undergoing a different temperature- controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The result, in effect, is several distinct wines in progress. A crisp freash sensation of green that the wine gives off, call it cut grass or whatever you like, but at the end of the day ?green? is the best descriptor I can come up with and it was great. A crisp, dry wine from northern Italy, it is fresh and fruity with a flowery bouquet. A perfect accompaniment to light dishes or by itself, as an excellent apertif. Soft, round fruit fills the mouth with ripe, juicy flavors. A long finish glides into flavors of ripe apples and lichee nuts. A wine to be enjoyed alone, as an ap?ritif, or with shellfish, fowl and light meals that include vegetarian dishes
Kungfu Girl Riesling SALE PRICE
90 points from Wine Spectator (2011 vintage) Our Reg.
Wine Spectator "Best Value" 3rd year in a row (2009, 2010, 2011)!!! So f***in' sexy! This wine kicks ass with tons of complexity, showing notes of white peach, Linden leaves and slate. Lovely focused acidity, finishing very long with mandarin orange and lots of minerality. Grab the chop sticks, crack a bottle....this will make you happy.
Mumm Napa Sparkling SALE PRICE
Brut, Cuvee M, Rose Our Reg.
92 points and an Editors' Choice, Wine Enthusiast: "Assembled from dozens of individual lots, this sumptuous brut is an example of the art of blending. Based on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, it's really as delicous and refined a sparkling wine as you could want for dirnking now. Shows lush citrus, strawberry, honey, melon, fig and spice flavors that are wrapped into a smooth, silky bubbling mouthfeel." "Crisp and elegantly styled, with floral apple and yeasty spice aromas that lead to layered flavors of baked pear, citrus and creamy vanilla. Drink now."91 Points Wine Spectator
Mondoro Asti Spumanti SALE PRICE
Best Asti in the World Our Reg.
Recommended, Great Value! Best Asti in the world! 90 PTS WINE & SPIRITS. The light and refreshing Mondoro Asti Spumante has scents of candied orange peel and pink grapefruit flavors end cleanly; serve with fresh fruit. Produced entirely from white muscat (moscato) grapes grown in the strictly delineated Asti region of northern Italy, the wine has a delicately sweet character which makes it delightful and refreshing
Riondo Moscato d'Asti SALE PRICE
Only 5 Cases! Our Reg.
This delicate Moscato is produced in the Asti area of northern Italy. It?s distinguished by an explosive aroma of over-ripe peaches and honeydew melon, followed by the rich apricot flavors that go on forever on its long finish. Enjoy it ice cold by itself, after dinner, or with your favorite dessert
Straccali Chianti SALE PRICE
Bargin Chianti!! Our Reg.
This wine is from Italy, Tuscany region, Chianti sub-region. Grapes are harvested from vineyards located in the heart of Chianti~ in the provinces of Florence and Siena.. Ruby red.-Intense~ vinous characteristics.-Dry~ elegant~ well-structured.. Serve at room temperature~ not less than 64F. A perfect accompaniment to a variety of meats or appetizers. SANGIOVESE Wine
2010 Castellare Il Poggiale Chianti Classico Riserva SALE PRICE
94 Pts! Our Reg.
"The 2010 Chianti Classico Riserva Il Poggiale shows great energy and momentum. It opens with masculine tones of leather and fire-cured tobacco that are absolutely stunning next to the black currant and jellied blackberry. The flavor intensity is of special note. The finish is elegant, silky and long. This is a terrific effort. Anticipated maturity: 2014-2025. Hillside Greve Sangiovese! Castellare has earned an unquestionable reputation for consistency and excellence and the 2010 is his best effort yet!
Roccadoro Pinot Grigio SALE PRICE
Best Seller!! Our Reg.
This Pinot Grigio begins with a lively burst of ripe tropical fruits, mellowed slightly by the fragrance of sweet flower blossoms and the somewhat comforting aroma of Grandma?s caramel apple pie. The smooth and creamy palate adds an exotic touch of coconut and vanilla, rounding out the otherwise dry feel of this delightfully affordable Pinot Grigio. The finish is slightly nutty with a decadent hint of rich toffee.
2010 Corte Del Sole Soave SALE PRICE
Perfect White to go with grilled meats. Our Reg.
Great Value! Soave. Calcareous soil of medium depth suitable for producing structured wines. DOC Classico. Yellow with golden and greenish hues. Floral bouquet laced with scents of exotic fruits and nuts, including almonds, hazelnuts and mineral aromas. Full, balanced and harmonious on the palate with flavors of the land. A long finish! Ideal with appetizers, fish dishes, shellfish and white meats. Makes an excellent aperitif and should be served between 50-54? F
2012 Domaine Andezon Cotes du Rhone SALE PRICE
90 Pts!!! Our Reg.
Wine Advocate 90! "A blend of 90% Syrah and 10% Grenache aged in 2-3-year-old French oak barrels for 12 months prior to bottling, the 2012 Andezon Cotes du Rhone has more of a Northern Rhone personality than usual. Notes of black olives, bacon fat, flowers, cassis and black cherries are found in this medium-bodied, fruity, soft 2012 along with excellent purity and noticeable tannins. Drink it over the next 1-2 years." ~Robert Parker
2008 Chateau Le Virou SALE PRICE
Premiers Cotes de Blaye Our Reg.
This has been a big-time best buy for many, many years. It is a personal selection of importer Eric Solomon from a large cooperative in the village of Estezargues, which is not far from the famous Roman aqueduct, the Pond du Gard
2011 George Dubouef Beaujolias Villages SALE PRICE
Outstanding! Our Reg.
Aromas of lots of sweet berry fruit (blueberry, raspberry and blackberry). So much so, in fact, that the bouquet reminded me a bit of Sweet Tarts candy. Tasting the wine revealed more juicy sweet berry fruit (mostly strawberry this time) plus a good dose of banana. The tannins are very soft contributing to a nice smooth, silky texture on this light-bodied wine. This wine is very easy to drink and it gets even easier as you go. It ends dry with a medium-short finish. A great pairing for a burger or other everyday food. A really nice, fun, everyday wine!
Williams & Humbert Sherry 30 Year Jalifa Amontillado Solera Especial Sherry, Jerez de la Frontera SALE PRICE
96 Pts!!! Our Reg.
Pretty pale copper color. Classic aromas of salty buttery caramelized nuts and earth follow through on a round lively entry to a dryish medium-to-full body with subtle cherry, dried meat, and peppery spice notes. Finishes with a long, brown sugar, nut, and sea air tinged fade. A quintessential example of Amontillado Sherry
Williams & Humbert Sherry 20 Year Don Guido Pedro Ximenez VOS SALE PRICE
95 Pts!!! Our Reg.
"Opaque brown with a saffron rim. Very pure raisin, rubber sap, and cocoa wafer cookie aromas and flavors with a soft, syrupy palate and burnt sugar and cream on the long finish. Exquisite purity; pour over ice cream." 95 points (exceptional) by at the World Wine Championships in Chicago
Williams & Humbert Sherry 20 Year Dos Cortados Palo Cortado VOS SALE PRICE
93 Pts! Our Reg.
Burnished copper color with an olive cast. Aromas of saut?ed and roasted Brazil nuts and almonds and flan follow through on a round, supple entry to a dryish medium-to-full body with delicate herb and peppery spice notes. Finishes with a long, chewy, dried citrus peel, moss, and nutskin-like tannin fade. 93 points (exceptional) by at the World Wine Championships in Chicago
2012 Chasing Venus Sauv Blanc SALE PRICE
Great Marlborough Sauv Blanc! Our Reg.
Chasing Venus wines are produced from grapes grown on small family farms in the acclaimed Marlborough appellation. Griggs Vineyard is situated in an old riverbed against the eastern hills of the appellation. The gravelly, well-drained soils promote pronounced grapefruit flavors. The Burdon-Shutkowski vineyard is located near Grove Town, at the very southern edge of the Marlborough appellation, and produces fruit with a wonderful balance of herbal and citrus and stony mineral notes.
2013 Miraval Rose SALE PRICE
Limited, Brad Pitt/ Jolie Rose Our Reg.
91 Points, Decanter - There is a lovely floral nose, soft fragrant roses, and from the first taste there is a delicate structure that deepens on the palate. But, as the French would say 'il y a du vin' ? meaning that there is a sense of power alongside the elegance, a structure and a fresh acidity that gives the wine persistency, with a grip of minerality that gives a delicious mouthwatering finish. Hollywood A- listers seeking to brush up their winemaking knowledge. It seems, indeed, that Brad and Angelina are more hands-on than one may have expected, their hands expertly guided around the winery by the Perrin family of Ch?teau de Beaucastel fame.?
Highly Reccomended!!! Our Reg.
Winemaker Kevin Hall selected 8 exceptional barrel aged lots for the final blend. The blended wine was barrel aged in French Oak for an additional 12 months allowing the components to meld into a seamless blend. CYRUS 2010 was bottle aged for 8 months for additional complexity prior to release. There is great structure along with concentrated fruit in the 2010 CYRUS. In the glass there is terrific color with expressive aromas of cassis, berry, plum, toasty oak and vanilla. This is a rich, complex wine with flavors of dark fruits, spice, oak, vanilla and cocoa powder. Enjoyable upon release, this wine will reward those with the patience to age it.
2010 Domaine Eden Cabernet SALE PRICE
Big Cab, with long legs, sexy! Our Reg.
The 2010 Domaine Eden Cabernet Sauvignon is a pretty, accessible wine to drink now and over the next few years. Bright, beautifully focused aromatics meld into dark red cherries and plums in this hugely appealing, medium-bodied Cabernet. The 2010 is a beautifully nuanced and complex Cabernet from Domaine Eden. -90pts Vinous by Antonio Galloni
2009 Mt. Eden Estate Cabernet SALE PRICE
Big Cab, with long legs, sexy! Our Reg.
"Mount Eden is one of the United States' great heritage estates," writes Antonio Galloni in The Wine Advocate! 94 pts WA Power and elegance are the halmarks for this blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (88%), Merlot (6%) and Cabernet Franc (2%). Dark ruby purple, dark fruits, hints of black olive, cedar, and spice on the nose, solid and mouthfilling on the palate, with supple, ripe tannins. Seamless and incredibley focused at the same time, this is a beautiful Cabernet to drink now and over the next decade and more. A California Classic!! 93 pts Steve Tanzer!! (88% cabernet sauvignon, 6% merlot, 4% cabernet franc and 2% petit verdot): Deep ruby. Powerful, smoke-accented cherry and blackcurrant aromas are energized by zesty minerals, picking up pipe tobacco, cedar and dried rose nuances with air. Fleshy and broad but focused too, offering intense dark berry flavors and a suggestion of bitter chocolate. A sweet vanilla quality rounds out the impressively persistent finish, which shows superb clarity and solid but well-knit tannins.
2013 Cloudy Bay Sauv Blanc SALE PRICE
The Pinnacle of Sauv Blanc!! Our Reg.
Cloudy Bay have been setting the benchmark for Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc since 1985 ? often imitated, rarely bettered. Their 2013 initially displays a powerful nose of gooseberry fruit and elderflower?.the typical notes for New Zealand Sauvignon. However, going back to the glass after a minute or two reveals a deeper, richer tone of white peaches and passion fruit which hint at something far above the average Kiwi Sauvignon. The palate is vibrant and racy ? in fact it fairly zings with white currant and grapefruit flavours. However, and it is the overall balance and complexity on the finish which sets it apart from the pack.
2011 Mcwilliams Jacks Red SALE PRICE
Can't Beat the price!! Our Reg.
Normally Australian wines in the lower price range turn out to be, at worst, plonk, at best, fruit bombs. Not so for for this S.E. Australian red. It gives you pleasing, if indistinct red berry flavors, along with a strong note of caramel. By no means an interesting wine, but nice enough, and at $5.97, well worth the money Colour: Vibrant red purple. Aroma: Bright blood plums, black spice and anise coupled with evident chocolate oak. Palate: Vibrant blackberry fruit, chocolate and maple oak flavours combine to give a full and plush wine with a velvet like tannin finish. Enjoy at the time of release or age up to three years for its fresh fruit flavors.

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2 Gingers     750 ML SALE PRICE
94 pts Best Buy! Tastings Magazine! Our Reg.
If you've listened to the radio, been to a Twin Cities bar, or gone to a Twins game (bravo for staying with them) you must've encountered 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey. A heavy media campaign has the whiskey embedded into the local bar scene playing to it's Minnesota-only availability and pushing the Big Ginger cocktail into the drinking lexicon. Heck, it's even in Target Field. 2 Gingers is the brand started up by former The Local, Kieran's Irish Pub, Cooper Irish Pub, and The Liffey owner Kieran Folliard. Folliard developed the Whiskey Ginger into a bar staple at The Local, featuring it as their signature drink, The Big Ginger, and sliding a lemon and a lime wedge on the rim of the glass. In fact, the bar sold the most Jameson Irish Whiskey of any pub in the world 4 years running due in no small part to the citrus-topped cocktail.
2 Gingers     Liter SALE PRICE
94 pts Best Buy! Tastings Magazine! Our Reg.
If you've listened to the radio, been to a Twin Cities bar, or gone to a Twins game (bravo for staying with them) you must've encountered 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey. A heavy media campaign has the whiskey embedded into the local bar scene playing to it's Minnesota-only availability and pushing the Big Ginger cocktail into the drinking lexicon. Heck, it's even in Target Field. 2 Gingers is the brand started up by former The Local, Kieran's Irish Pub, Cooper Irish Pub, and The Liffey owner Kieran Folliard. Folliard developed the Whiskey Ginger into a bar staple at The Local, featuring it as their signature drink, The Big Ginger, and sliding a lemon and a lime wedge on the rim of the glass. In fact, the bar sold the most Jameson Irish Whiskey of any pub in the world 4 years running due in no small part to the citrus-topped cocktail.
2 Gingers     1.75 SALE PRICE
94 pts Best Buy! Tastings Magazine! Our Reg.
If you've listened to the radio, been to a Twin Cities bar, or gone to a Twins game (bravo for staying with them) you must've encountered 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey. A heavy media campaign has the whiskey embedded into the local bar scene playing to it's Minnesota-only availability and pushing the Big Ginger cocktail into the drinking lexicon. Heck, it's even in Target Field. 2 Gingers is the brand started up by former The Local, Kieran's Irish Pub, Cooper Irish Pub, and The Liffey owner Kieran Folliard. Folliard developed the Whiskey Ginger into a bar staple at The Local, featuring it as their signature drink, The Big Ginger, and sliding a lemon and a lime wedge on the rim of the glass. In fact, the bar sold the most Jameson Irish Whiskey of any pub in the world 4 years running due in no small part to the citrus-topped cocktail.
Ansac VS.     750ML SALE PRICE
Ansac Cognac is made from grapes grown in the Petite Champagne and Fins Bois regions, two of the premier growing areas within the Charente departement of Cognac. A product of Unicognac, one of Frances leading Cognac houses, Ansac has grown rapidly over the past several years to now rank as one of the top brands in the category.
Bailey's Irish Cream.     1.75ML SALE PRICE
Baileys is produced using the best quality ingredients: fresh Irish dairy cream, Irish whiskey and natural flavours. The cream used in Baileys is delivered daily in insulated tankers and processed on the day it arrives. The Irish whiskey is triple distilled. The great taste of Baileys is consistently delivered by combining the finest quality ingredients in a unique recipe. Baileys contains no preservatives and has a shelf life of 24 months.. The dominant aromatic feature is caramel. The palate entry features the cream/dairy element as much as caramel and nuts; the midpalate highlights the cream, the caramel flavoring, the spirit and the gentle spice. Concludes smooth, satiny and properly creamy with greater emphasis on the spice than the caramel.
Balvenie 12Yr. 'Doublewood'     750ML SALE PRICE
87 PTS Michael Jackson's Complete Guide to S.M. Scotch
The Balvenie Doublewood Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a 12 year old single malt which gains its distinctive character from being matured in two woods. During its period of maturation The Balvenie Doublewood is transferred from a traditional oak whisky cask to a first fill Spanish oak sherry cask. Each stage lends different qualities to the resulting single malt - the traditional casks, having previously held bourbon, soften and add character, whilst the sherry wood brings depth and fullness of flavour..
Bushmills 10Yr.     750ML SALE PRICE
Best Irish Single Malt Whiskey in the World' at last year's World Whiskies Awards.
SILVER MEDAL 2007 SAN FRANCISCO SPIRITS COMPETITION. It is smoother, lighter whiskey without the smokiness of scotch. Bushmills is best served neat or on he
Canadian Club.     1.75 SALE PRICE
? Grain: Superior French Wheat
Canadian Mist.     Ltr SALE PRICE
? Infused High Quality Natural Flavors
Captain Morgan Spiced     1.75 SALE PRICE
Favorite Spiced Rum!
THREE STARS SPIRIT JOURNAL. Moderately spicy aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg stand out and lead to an overwhelming spiced honey flavor that gently guides you to the creamy, cake frosting finish.
Captain White     Ltr SALE PRICE
Distilled 5 times!
Captain Morgan's White Rum. Very Smooth, easy to drink.
Captian White Rum     1.75 SALE PRICE
Distilled 5 times!
Captain Morgan's White Rum. Very Smooth, easy to drink.
Chivas Reagal 12Yr.     1.75 SALE PRICE
Highly recommended. Ultimate Beverage Challenge Liquor
?Chivas's top-notch character is at once powerful and understated; hats off to the Chivas master blender; this is Scotch blending at its near-best.'
Cluny Scotch.     1.75 SALE PRICE
Cluny Scotch Whisky is one of America's top selling domestically bottled blended Scotches, made up of a marriage of over 30 malt whiskies from all regions of Scotland and the finest aged grain whiskies.
Courvoisier VSOP.     750ML SALE PRICE
Aged 6-10 years. Rich amber color. Floral, vanilla, grilled almond, prune, subtle and harmonious aroma. Warm and delicate body. Fine, light distinctive taste. Very good finish.
Crown Royal Black.     750ML SALE PRICE
A robust whisky blend matured to perfection in charred oak barrels and blended at a higher proof for full-bodied flavor. Deep bourbon notes, rich texture and signature smoothness.
Crown Royal.     Ltr SALE PRICE
Dewar's White Label.     Ltr SALE PRICE
A blend of up to 40 single malt and grain scotch whiskies, White Label?s distinctive heather and honey notes evoke the rich heritage of the Scottish Highlands, thanks to the fine Aberfeldy single malt at its heart.
Famous Grouse.     1.75 SALE PRICE
Great value in blended Scotch. Smooth, balanced flavors are perfect over the rocks or with a splash of club soda.
Glendronach 15Yr.     750ML SALE PRICE
92 points from the highly-esteemed Whiskyfun website.
Renowned amongst many whisky enthusiasts around the world, this remarkable and full bodied malt is matured for a minimum of 15 years in the finest Oloroso sherry casks. Bottled at 46%, the GlenDronach Revival is non chill filtered and of natural colour. A truly excellent single malt.
Glenlivet 12Yr. Gift Set     750ML SALE PRICE
Wine Enthusiast ReviewRated 90-95Superb/Highly Recommended
Off-dry malted barley and light toffee smells greet the olfactory sense along with flowery fragrances of heather, rose petal and pine. Entry features sweet grain and candied apricot tastes; the midpalate is mellow, malty, fruity (white raisins, apricots) and sophisticated. Ends on a buttery note. Remains the Speyside benchmark.Comes with (2) 50 ML Tasters!
Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or 12Yr.     750ML SALE PRICE
95 Points - Wine Enthusiast
A captivating single malt whisky for the sophisticated luxury spirits drinker who drinker who enjoys delicious extravagence and sensual pleasures. With a tremendous 'gourmand' appeal, the Nectar D'Or is a delicious, complex base spirit that, after a minimum of 10 years in ex-bourbon casks, is then extra matured in specially hand selected Sauternes wine barriques. This makes it rich and sumptuous with a heady, luscious, beguiling spectrum of aromatic patisserie desserts that helps create a memorable occasion whenever it is enjoyed. Non chill-filtered and with an ABV of 46%, its the key flavor notes are lemony, sumptuous and syrupy.
Godiva Chocolate Liqueur.     750ML SALE PRICE
Its ultra-velvety dark taste is sublime, its balance not overly sweet. The magnificence of the most decadent chocolate you can imagine, made divine as a sumptuous liqueur. The Godiva Chocolate Martini is a must, combining irresistible Godiva Liqueur with Absolut Vodka, creating your most unique martini experience.
Grant's.     Ltr SALE PRICE
Gold - 2009 International Wine and Spirit Competition
Complex, clean and fruity. Grant's Family Reserve is one of the world's best loved Scotch whiskies and enjoyed in over 180 countries. Brian skilfully blends around 25 of the finest single malt and grain Scotch whiskies to make Grant's Family Reserve. The basis for the blend is our widely acclaimed Girvan grain whisky. Vacuum distilled at a lower temperature to make it a lighter and more delicate spirit, it is then aged in oak to give it a deeper, sweeter, soft fruit flavour, creating the perfect foundation.
Hangar One All Flavors     750ML SALE PRICE
97 points Wine Enthusiast
Who else but Lance & Jorg would dream of including the flowers? Paul Pacult reviewed this as wonder and delight. It's like peeling a fresh tangerine - the zesty tangerine and flower aromas are brought across perfectly. Wonderful lingering aftertaste. Pour it over a single small ice cube - it's as rewarding as a good cognac. Includes the flowers of the mandarin blossom which brings across the delicate tangerine aromas perfectly. Imagine the care that must be take with so fragile an ingredient! Elegant orange flavors with hints of sandelwood and spices. 97 points Wine Enthusiast: The deep, sweet orange and honeyed-floral fragrance is the first signal this vodka will be special. The flavors are clean and brisk, followed by a strong bite and honey and tangerine notes. It finishes sweet, with faint floral and vanilla notes coaxed out over ice.
Hangar One Vodka     750ML SALE PRICE
California Vodka!
Vodka From Grapes - it?s a little strange. But we couldn?t seem to find a ?straight? vodka we truly liked; some were harsh; all of them lacked the depth of our flavored spirits. I knew we had to find a way to make straight vodka our way - distilling it right from whole, just-picked fruit - skin, stems, seeds, leaves and all. Enter the Viognier. We blend a Viognier eau de vie with spirit made from midwestern wheat to make a perfectly balanced, fruity, "straight" vodka.
Hendricks     750ML SALE PRICE
Our Best Selling Gin!
Hendrick's Gin gives bartender?s what they have always been craving, a way to get people to drink gin in a creative way. This is done by providing odd ball ingrediants such as cubeb berries, elderflower, chamomile, meadowsweet, rose petal, cucumber, and caraway seed. What make?s Hendrick's Gin so unique is that these ingredients are often unheard of in any other formal setting, and one would have to go out on a limb to resemble anything even close. You will not mistake this for something else. It's flavor is Gin. Juniper and Botanicals. If you like Tanq 10 or Bombay Sapphire this is worth a try. A light almost refreshing gin that has become my top shelf favorite.
Hennessy VS.     750ML SALE PRICE
85-89 Points-The Wine Enthusiast
A blend of the finest cognacs, aged to full maturity in oak barrels in the town of Cognac. Full bodied with a pronounced aroma of oak and hazelnuts, a rich floral taste with tones of red berries and vanilla. Aged for at least 2-5 years.
Highland Park 12Yr.     750ML SALE PRICE
90 PTS Michael Jackson's Complete Guide to S.M. Scotch
With a delicious sweetness (heather-honey is their preferred description), a trace of smoke and a warming, silky mouthfeel, this is a whisky that never lets you down.
Irishman     750ML SALE PRICE
Better Than Baileys?
There is no other contender! It's handcrafted using luxurious Irish Cream and 100% Irish whiskey that brings hints of vanilla and toffee; no essences, emulsifiers or fake flavorings are allowed. When you taste it you will agree?this Irish cream is delicious and should be relished. At first glance, it may seem to be just another cream liqueur; but, you will realize this is in a completely different class. The nose is rich: marzipan, splendid Irish whiskey and light vanilla held together with 100% Irish cream. The flavors follow the aromas in a clean, creamy mouthfeel. The finish is these flavors slowly fading with tasty Irish whiskey and cream lingering.
Jagermiester     1.75 SALE PRICE
1.75 liter!! is an herbal, bitter liqueur from Germany made of a secret blend of over 50 herbs, fruits and spices. A secret recipe of 56 ingredients which include "cinnamon-bark from Ceylon, bitter orange skins from Australia, santal from East India, ginger roots from southern Asia and of course, some secret herbs." That is about as much as the distillers will tell the public. However, we do know that whatever the mixture is is macerated for 5 months in alcohol and water. This concentrate is blended and filtered then stored in oak for a year, after which it is blended with sugar, caramel and more water and alcohol before bottling
Jameson.     Ltr SALE PRICE
Ultimate Beverage Challenge. Our Reg.
Round and smooth with sweet, spicy, toasted wood notes. Dry yet smooth finish with a longering crispness from the pot still.
Johnnie Walker Black 12Yr.     Ltr SALE PRICE
A deep and complex flavour which is also an unquestionable mark of power and refinement. It is a luxury blend and a luxury brand, with a completely individual personality. As many as 40 whiskies, each aged 12 years or more, make up this satisfyingly complex blend. Decade after decade, Black Label wins awards and accolades. Experts consistently appreciate its understated, classic qualities.
Johnnie Walker Red.     Ltr SALE PRICE
Johnnie Walker Red Label The world?s best selling whisky is still going strong. Red Label is a powerful combination of spicy, smoky malts, such as Talisker, and lingering, lighter grains. Its robust qualities are what make it so good for drinking long. The global success of Red Label is just one reason why it is now considered to be the classic taste of blended Scotch whisky.
Kahlua     750ML SALE PRICE
Coffee Liqour at It's BEST!
? Produced in Cognac, France
Kelt XO.     750ML SALE PRICE
Kelt XO Cognac undergoes a Tour du Monde--a nautical voyage around the world--as its final step in maturation. Though cognac and other spirits are now generally transported in bottles, prior to the 20th century, they were exported in barrels. Harking back to this tradition, the producer has revived this additional step. They believe that due to changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure, it accelerates and transforms the aging process to create a better spirit. While we're not sure how much of an effect the oceanic travel has, it's undeniable that this is an absolutely stunning cognac. A deep mahogany color, Kelt XO boasts concentrated aromas of caramel, candied citrus peel, fresh herbs, and pepper. The palate is medium-to-full-bodied, with a rich texture and a notably evolving finish; this is a spirit to sip and contemplate.
Kilbeggan.     750ML SALE PRICE
Incredibly elegant and complex with sweet grassy notes that are found in all of the Kilbeggan whiskies supported by toffee, vanilla, toasted coconut, banana bread and mint. A great aperitif.
Knappogue Castle 12Yr.     750ML SALE PRICE
Triple distilled in copper pot stills, then aged in bourbon oak casks for twelve years, Knappogue Castle 12 Year Old is a mellow, well rounded single malt. The nose offers rich, malty notes of grain which are accented by hints of pepper and spice. The palate is balanced, focused and smooth, with complex flavors of brown sugar, vanilla, oak and marzipan backed by elegant fruit notes.
Knob Creek     750ML SALE PRICE
Created in the style of turn of the century bourbon, this small batch spirit has a distinct, slightly sweet flavor that is imparted during a long aging process. Aromas of toasted nuts, grain and oak lead into a sweet, woody, almost fruity palate. The finish is long, rich and glowing. Sip straight or on the rocks.
Lagavulin 16Yr.     750ML SALE PRICE
97 Pts Whiskey Magazine
Nose: Massive peat. Ultra-intense iodine carries a shade more spice than of old. The fruity-sherry notes are clean, vanilla is much deeper. Beautifully layered. Palate: Peat so thick you could stand a spoon in it. Chewy iodine bolstered by sherry and big oak. Finish: A little spice lightens the grip of the peat and vanilla. Dries off with malt, dried dates...and iodine. Comment: A true classic in every sense that offers breathtaking depth.
Laphroaig 18Yr.     750ML SALE PRICE
This 18 year old expression of Laphroaig is made in limited quantities each year and savoured by a fortunate few. A soft, sweet and spicy Islay peat smoke greets you when you first open the bottle. The immediate taste is an oak sweetness, from 18 years in the barrel. A faint hint of the sea can be detected, testimony to its time maturing on the remote island of Islay.
Le Trio De Delamain.     3 / 200ML SALE PRICE
Trio of PALE & DRY, VESPER, TRES VENERABLE. Three little bottles of 200Ml in a box. Nice present to discover three magnificient qualities of the Delamain House.
Macallan 12Yr.     750ML SALE PRICE
91 PTS Michael Jackson's Complete Guide to S.M. Scotch
Deliciously smooth, with rich dried fruits and sherry, balanced with wood smoke and spice. Described by Paul Pacult, the renowned international whisky writer, in his book Kindred Spirits as: simply the best 12 Year Old single malt around.
Image Not Available Maison Gautier 10eme Generation     750ML SALE PRICE
Silver Medal International Wine & Spirit Competition 2008 England.
Tradition Rare, with a limited annual production of just 2,400 numbered bottles, is a blend of Cognacs taken from the very oldest reserves of the Gautier Paradise Cellar faithfully handed down over the last ten generations of the Gautier family. The result is a unique blend of rare, mellow Cognacs with truly unique flavours. This Cognac benefits from its powerfulness, first evidenced by its mahogany colour and its vanilla nose and then by its rich, complex aromas combining the mellowness of candied fruit subsequently enhanced by its spiciness and intense notes of ?rancio?.
Maker's Mark 46.     750ML SALE PRICE
94 Points - Wine Enthusiast
Based on the original recipe for Maker's Mark, Maker's 46 is a new version of an old favorite. To create this interesting spirit, fully matured Maker's Mark is removed from its barrel, so that ten wooden seared staves can be affixed to the inner paneling. Searing the staves caramelizes the sugars in the wood, adding a unique flavor that finishes on the front of the tongue. The fully matured Maker's Mark is then put back in the barrel and aged several more months until it is approved by Master Distiller Kevin Smith. On the nose, Maker's 46 displays pleasant, sweet, and toasty aromas with caramel overtones. The palate is rich and creamy with seared oak flavors that lead to lingering notes of caramel, vanilla, and spice on the powerful finish.
Maker's Mark.     Ltr SALE PRICE
Paul (12/1/2007) - 90-95: Superb/Highly Recommended Liquor
The base aroma is buttered corn-on-the-cob with aeration bringing additional scents of vanilla and cinnamon. The palate entry showcases sweet breakfast cereal grain; at midpalate the corn dominates so thoroughly that you know that this could only be one of the best straight bourbons from Kentucky. Ends spirity and heated. One of America's benchmark spirits.
Masterson's Rye 10Yr.     750ML SALE PRICE
The nose is immediately huge, full of caramel, citrus, and wood notes. On the palate, even bigger: Incredibly sweet, and delightfully spicy: Cinnamon and allspice, fresh orange (not peel), with a tinge of something akin to a Moroccan spice blend lacing things up. The finish brings the essence of raisins and a drying touch, but it's a little overwhelming in its sweetness.
Mc Adam's.     1.75 SALE PRICE
84 points (Recommended) Tastings.Com
Pale amber color. Mild spicy raisin compote, chocolate covered orange peel and praline aromas follow thorugh on a brisk entry to a dryish light-to-medium body with creamy vanilla and mineral oil notes. Finishes with a nutskin and cocoa accented fade.
Michael Collins Single Malt.     750ML SALE PRICE
Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2011 Finalist
Well rounded with a clean and malty with a sweet citrus taste. Wonderfully settled smoky flavor from the peat that lingers on the palate. The perfect sipping Irish whiskey.
Midleton 'Very Rare' 2011.     750ML SALE PRICE
Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2011 Finalist Our Reg.
A true classic in every sense. Perfectly proportioned with alternating waves of baked orchard fruits, toffee, toasted nuts and grain, honey, apricot, and a beautiful melange of baking spices.
Oban 14yr     750ML SALE PRICE
The Western Highland representative in Diageo's 'Classic Malt' series, Oban 14yr is a superb, full-blooded fruity malt with a whiff of heather and more than a hint of smoke.
Patron Anejo     750ML SALE PRICE
Big Sale!!! Our Reg.
Mexico - 100% Blue Agave. Deep gold color with scents of tropical fruits, caramel, cedar and herb. Rich, silky texture. Upon entry there is a powerful surge of fruit and spice balanced by deep wood components. Tremendous, deep finish. Best sipped
Patron Repasado     750 ML SALE PRICE
Big Sale!!! Our Reg.
Mexico- 100% Blue Agave. High in the mountains of Jalisco this tequila is aged to perfection in oak barrels. A combination of fresh clean taste from the silver with a hint of oak from the anejo. Patron has captured a taste unlike any other. Best sipped or as shots.
Patron Silver     750ML SALE PRICE
Big Sale!!! Our Reg.
Mexico - 100% Blue Agave. Deep gold color with scents of tropical fruits, caramel, cedar and herb. Rich, silky texture. Upon entry there is a powerful surge of fruit and spice balanced by deep wood components. Tremendous, deep finish. Best sipped
Pig's Nose.     750ML SALE PRICE
?A big, sweet, chunky, gawky, grainlashed but hugely enjoyable blend.? Pigs Nose is an exceptionally fine five year old blended whisky, created by Richard Patterson, Scotland's only third generation master blender as a companion for Sheep Dip - for week days but not for the Christmas Cake. The blend contains a high percentage (40%) of malt whiskies, principally from Speyside imbuing the product with their characteristic softness; the name comes from the farming expression ?soft as a pig's nose'. Colour:Rich, golden copper highlights. Nose:Delicate and refined. Soft sensual floral notes arise in perfect harmony supported by an attractive array of complex fruit flavours. Melon, pear and orange with a hint of almonds conclude this profusion of charming nuances. Taste:Finesse and elegance gives way to a majestic assertion of pure malty flavours drawn from the four distilling regions of Scotland. Each area forges and makes its own inimitable contribution to this outstanding pure malt - the main accent being expressed from the Highlands and Speyside Valleys.
Powers.     750ML SALE PRICE
A past recipient of The American Taste Award for Excellence and a Double Gold winner in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition Our Reg.
The Number One selling Irish whiskey in Ireland, Powers Irish Whiskey has become ?the father of all Irish Whiskeys? through a tradition based on over 200 years of distilling whiskey. Powers is distinctive for its warm and full-bodied flavor, an explosive mixture of spices, which linger on the tongue. The Powers flavor is the product of the whiskey?s triple distillation in both old-fashioned copper pots and column stills. Powers is aged 100 percent in Bourbon casks for five to six years. Powers is touted as the perfect whiskey for the best-tasting Irish Coffee.
Purus     750ML SALE PRICE
Organic Wheat Vodka! SMOOTH Our Reg.
Traditional taste of fine Italian coffee and smooth Irish Cream unite, to deliver Cappuccino Cream experience with a hint of chocolate.
Ransom     750ML SALE PRICE
I?ve never experienced anything like it. The sniff test reveals an obvious whiff of juniper along with subtle floral notes and cardamom. At first sip you?ll notice a presence of cardamom. The mid palate reveals floral tones and a hint of citrus that carries through to a malty finish. The overall tasting experience has a smooth roundness from the barrel aging. This is a must have for serious cocktail nerds. Barrel aged? malted barley? high proof corn spirits? this sounds more like a whiskey than a gin. Here comes the gin bits though. The botanicals I mentioned above are juniper, orange peel, lemon peel, coriander seed, angelica root and cardamom pods. Now we?re starting to see the gin traits making their mark. Finally, the distillation is run through an alambic pot still that preserves the maximum amount of aromatics, flavor and body. Only the ?heart of the hearts? (the very best portion of distillate) is retained for this special bottling
RedBreast 12Yr.     750ML SALE PRICE
92 PTS WINE ENTHUSIAST, DOUBLE GOLD 2005 SAN FRANCISCO SPIRITS COMPETITION. Made with malted and unmalted barley it is the only continuously produced 100% pure pot still Irish Whisky. Enjoy on the Rocks!
Remy Martin VSOP.     750ML SALE PRICE
93pts WE
Offering aromas of concentrated vanilla, dried apricots and intense jasmine, R?my Martin V.S.O.P Premier Cru is multi-layered in texture and lingers on the palate. Luminous amber in tone, this is a perfectly balanced yet intense cognac.
Rittenhouse Rye 21Yr.     750ML SALE PRICE
Sorry, Sold Out
Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and was named Rye Whiskey of the Year by noted expert Jim Murray in his Whisky Bible 2007.
Prior to Prohibition, rye was the preeminent American Whiskey. Now Heaven Hill Distilleries celebrates rye?s renaissance with this old time, non-chill filtered bottling of Rittenhouse 21 Year Straight Rye Whisky. A full 21 years of aging makes this rye bold and spicy with a smooth, lingering finish. Discover the most flavorful of American Whiskey styles.
Rum Chata.     LTR SALE PRICE
A delicious blend of sweet dairy cream, rum and cinnamon. It is rum cream made as an authentic replica of the best Horchata you have ever tasted. It is made from scratch using real ingredients - rice, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. This is Real Horchata, not an imitation flavored horchata beverage.
Seagram's VO.     Ltr SALE PRICE
? Natural Spring Water
Smirnoff     1.75 SALE PRICE
Limited! So get it while it lasts! Our Reg.
Smirnoff Red Label is the original triple-distilled vodka created in Moscow in the 1860s. Smirnoff, distributed to over 130 countries worldwide, is one of the top-selling vodkas in the world. Taste why. Smirnoff's triple distillation process allows this vodka, which is filtered 10 times, to appeal to both royalty and the common man. Its rich history includes a partnership with the James Bond films, allowing it to become one of the most popular vodkas on today's market. As the recipient of the Bronze Medal at the 2007 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, it is no wonder that this uncommonly smooth vodka works wonders in myriad mixed drinks.
Talisker 10Yr.     750ML SALE PRICE
90 Pts Malt Advocate
Fresh, vibrant. Appetizingly briny, with notes of seaweed, fishnets, lemongrass, smoke, and damp peat. A bed of light toffee provides contrast and balance. It finishes with a knockout punch: powerfully peppery and salty. This whisky remains a beautifully dynamic and bold whisky.
Tullamore Dew.     750ML SALE PRICE
Color Pale amber with orange tinge Nose A mild blend of spicy, lemony and malty notes with charred wood undertones Body Soft, buttery, rounded Palate Warming, sweetish spices, pleasant maltiness with toasted wood hints and a creamy vanilla smoothness. Finish Smooth and gentle, the complex flavours lingering intriguingly Liquor
Ultimat     750 ML SALE PRICE
Incrediable Vodka Our Reg.
The Patron family of spirits has hit another home run with Ultimat Vodka! Much like it's Sister, Pyrat Rum, Ultimat is a premium vodka that is best enjoyed chilled and served neat or one the rocks. It's incredubly smooth taste will delight any true vodka enthusiast. In addition, it decanter is one of the most beautiful bottles crafted today. I highly recommend this expertly created spirit to everyone!! Masterly crafted from three distinct blends, Ultimat Vodka is an epitome of pureness accented by clean and refined taste that captures the essence of sophistication and style
Voli Vodka     750ML SALE PRICE
Limited! So get it while it lasts!
Voli Vodkas was founded in 2008 and is a privately held premier spirits company with offices in Miami, Florida. Hand-crafted by our master distiller in Cognac, France, Voli is a delicate blend of the finest multi-distilled wheat vodka, natural spring water and infused high quality natural flavors. Voli is an extra smooth vodka with a superb light finish. Voli Vodkas have national distribution and are available in all major markets throughout the United States.
Voyant Chai.     750ML SALE PRICE
Voyant Chai Cream Liqueur is blended to perfection using the finest ingredients from around the World. Aged Virgin Island Rum, Fresh Dutch Cream, Black Tea from India, Premium Spirits from Holland and a Distinctive Blend of Spices from Asia give Voyant Chai Cream Liqueur the Rich, Creamy Smoothness that you should expect from a Premium Liqueur.
Windsor.     1.75 SALE PRICE
? 5 Times Distilled, 4 Times Filtered
Wiser's De Luxe.     Ltr SALE PRICE
Beefy with sharpening touches of rye and other slightly fruity citrus notes. Very busy mouth arrival with a complex array of corn on the cob and then much cleaner small grain notes. Good weight to the oiliness which never goes over the top. A brief spice fly past, and an early vanilla oak attack.

Slick Nick's Picks

Slick Nick has been testing and comparing beers so thatWineStreetcan offer you the BEST BEERS for your enjoyment.
Nick has made his choices and hopes you enjoy them.

. WineStreet Demo
Alaskan 6pk Btl (All Types) SALE PRICE
(All Types)
Image Not Available Amstel 12pk Btl SALE PRICE
Light Lager 3.50% ABV
Anchor Steam Brewing 12 Pk SALE PRICE
12 Pack Varitiy, Lager, Amber
Angry Orchard SALE PRICE
Hard Cider
Ballast Point 6 pk Btl (Sculpin) SALE PRICE
100 pt Beer
Ballast Point 6 pk Btl(Select Types) SALE PRICE
Bell's 6pk Btl (Selected Varieties) SALE PRICE
(Brown Ale, Porter, Amber, Pale Ale & Lager )
Bells 4 Pk Can 16 oz. ( Two Hearted,Oberon) SALE PRICE
Winestreet Best Sellers!
A couple of Winestreet Favorite's now in 16 oz Cans!
Bells 6 pk Btl ( Two Hearted, Kalamazoo) SALE PRICE
Image Not Available Best of Belguim 12 pk Btls SALE PRICE
Stella Artois, Leffe, Hoegarden
Big Wood 4 pk Cans ( All Types) SALE PRICE
Bitburger 4pk Btl SALE PRICE
German Pilsener 4.80% ABV
Blue Moon 12pk Btl (All Types) SALE PRICE
Blue Moon 6pk Btl SALE PRICE
Witbier 5.40% ABV
Boulvard Smoke Stack 4 pk Btl (All Types) SALE PRICE
Central Waters 6 pk Btl (All Types) SALE PRICE
Crispin 3 Liter Box SALE PRICE
Crispin Light 4pk Btls SALE PRICE
Bottles Natural Hard Apple Cider 3.2% ABV
Crispin Light 4pk Cans 16 OZ SALE PRICE
Bottles Natural Hard Apple Cider 3.2% ABV
Deschutes Brewery 6pk Btl (All Types) SALE PRICE
Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Inversion IPA , Black Butte Porter& Fresh Sqeezed.
Destihl Brewery Abbey's Single SALE PRICE
6 Pk Cans
It is light bodied, light in color and relatively lower in alcohol with spicy phenolics and complex fruity esters of cherries, nectarines, peaches and bubblegum with a characteristic slightly tart and dry finish from the Belgian yeast.
Destihl Brewery Hoperation Overload SALE PRICE
4 Pk Cans
An Our mission for this Imperial or 'Double' India Pale Ale is to overload the beer with hops for an intense hop bitterness, flavor and aroma while still being balanced by a big malt profile, resulting in a hoppy beer with more dimension. This beer is light copper in color with some hop haze from overloading with dry hops as well. World Beer Championships Award: Bronze Medal 2011
Image Not Available Dos Equis 12PK SALE PRICE
Founders 6pk Btl SALE PRICE
(Dirty Bastard, All Day Ipa, Porter)
Fulton 6 pk (All Types) SALE PRICE
Grain Belt Nordeast 12pk Btl SALE PRICE
American Amber / Red Lager 4.70% ABV
Grain Belt Premium & Nordeast 12pk Can 16 OZ SALE PRICE
Green Flash 4 pk Btl (Palate Wrecker) SALE PRICE
Amazing Hops
Green Flash 4 pk Btl (Select Types) SALE PRICE
Guinness Draught 12pk Btl SALE PRICE
Irish Dry Stout 4.20% ABV
Heineken 12pk Btl SALE PRICE
Euro Pale Lager 5.00% ABV
Hoegaarden 6pk Btl SALE PRICE
Witbier 4.90% ABV
Image Not Available Hoptimum Sierra Nevada SALE PRICE
4 pk
Highly Recommended!!!
Kinky Cocktail SALE PRICE
Kona Brewing (All Types) 6 pks SALE PRICE
Lagunitas Limited Release 6pk Btl SALE PRICE
Wild Ale 9.40% ABV
Left Hand Nitro (Sawtooth, Milk St) SALE PRICE
Leinenkugel's Crafts 12pk Btl (All Types) SALE PRICE
(All Types)
Lift Bridge 6 pk (Hop Dish) SALE PRICE
Lift Bridge 6 pk (Select Types) SALE PRICE
Lucid Duo 4 pk Btl SALE PRICE
Michelob Golden & Golden Light 24 Cans SALE PRICE
(24 Cans)
Michelob Ultra 6pk Btl SALE PRICE
Regular, Lime Cactus & Pomegranate Raspberry
Mike's Hard Lemonade 6pk Btl SALE PRICE
(All Types)
Miller High Life 24pk Cans SALE PRICE
Miller High Life & High Life Light
Miller Lite, MGD & MGD 64 18 pk Btl SALE PRICE
Miller Lite, MGD & MGD 64 24pk Cans SALE PRICE
Modelo Especial SALE PRICE
American Adjunct Lager 4.40% ABV
New Belgium 12pk Btl and Cans SALE PRICE
(All Types)
New Castle 12 pk Btls and Cans SALE PRICE
New Planet 4pk Btl ( Gluten Free ) SALE PRICE
Off Grid Pale Ale & Tread Lightly Ale
Odell 6pk Btl. SALE PRICE
(All Types)
Image Not Available Osaka Blue Dale Pale Ale SALE PRICE
6 pk
Image Not Available Osaka Blue G'Knight SALE PRICE
4 pk 16oz Can
Our ?Velvet M-80? is a hefty, dry hopped double-red?ipa with a nose full of aroma, a sticky mouthfeel, a malty middle and unctuous hop flavors. G?Knight sports a surprisingly sensuous finish for a beer of its size (8.7% ABV, 60 IBUs).
Paulaner 6pk Btl (All Types) SALE PRICE
(All Types)
Peroni 12pk Btl SALE PRICE
Euro Pale Lager 5.10% ABV
Pilsner Urquell 12pk Btl SALE PRICE
Czech Republic
Czech Pilsner 4.40% ABV
Image Not Available Red Bridge 6pk Btl (Gluten Free) SALE PRICE
American Amber, Red Lager 4.00% ABV
Image Not Available Rush River 6 pk Btl (Double Bubble) SALE PRICE
Image Not Available Rush River 6 pk Btl (Select Types) SALE PRICE
Samuel Adams 12pk Btl SALE PRICE
(All Types)
Image Not Available Samuel Smith 4pk Btl SALE PRICE
Stoutand Porter
Best Import Beer!
Schell Shocked 6pk SALE PRICE
Schell's Deer Brand SALE PRICE
Session 12 pk Btl SALE PRICE
Shiner Bock SALE PRICE
Bock 4.40% ABV
Sierra Nevada 12pk Btl SALE PRICE
(Pale Ale, Torpedo & Tumbler)
Smirnoff Ice 6pk Btl SALE PRICE
Smithwick's 6pk Btl SALE PRICE
Irish Red Ale 4.50% ABV
Smithwicks 12 pk Btl SALE PRICE
Image Not Available Sol SALE PRICE
St. Pauli Girl 12 pk Btls SALE PRICE
Stella Artois 12pk Btl SALE PRICE
Euro Pale Lager 5.00% ABV
Summit 12pk Btl (All Types) SALE PRICE
(All Types)
Summit 6 Pk Btls And Cans! SALE PRICE
Minnesota's Favorite, Now in a can!
Surly Abrassive 4 pk Cans SALE PRICE
Surly Bender, Hell, Overrated 4 pk Cans SALE PRICE
Surly Blakker 4 pk Cans SALE PRICE
Surly Coffee Bender 4 pk Cans SALE PRICE
Surly Furious & Cynic 4 pk Cans SALE PRICE
Traveler Shandy (ALL) SALE PRICE
6 Pk
Tyskie 12pk Btl SALE PRICE
Euro Pale Lager 5.60% ABV
Warsteiner Lager and Dunkel 12 pks SALE PRICE

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